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OpenSSL s_client not able to connect to the server with Openssl 3.x

Requested our operations partner to configure TLS for Db2 on z/os. All fine when using OpenSSL version 1.x to verify, but it just won't happen when using openssl version 3.x, and I'm not able to ...
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Root cert lacks CN

A company's internal CA has issued a root signer cert (there's no intermediate cert acting as signer) in which the DN contains only the C=US and O=company_name and no other DN fields. The cert signed ...
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How might one verify that the POWER9 CPU does not contain an AMT-style subsystem?

Given that the IBM POWER9 CPU doesn't appear contain an AMT subsystem (like those seen in Intel and AMD CPUs), is there any way the absense of such a backdoor could be audited? For example, might a ...
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Are IBM PowerPC CPUs free of the AMT issue seen with AMD and Intel?

Given the privacy and security risks associated with Intel's Management Engine and AMD's Platform Security Processor, are IBM PowerPC processors such as the POWER9 susceptible to similar hardware-...
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What is pervasive encryption?

I've received an email from IBM, where they feature "pervasive encryption". Would anyone know what it is? IBM Z technology is widely known for its resiliency and security standards, which makes ...
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