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Abreviation of Internet Control Message Protocol. The protocol allows for the return propagation of error messages related to IP packets. ICMP is critical to basic network tools like ping and traceroute.

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130 votes
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Is it a bad idea for a firewall to block ICMP?

This question was inspired by this answer which states in part: The generic firewall manifest file finishes off by dropping everything I didn't otherwise allow (besides ICMP. Don't turn off ICMP). ...
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Security risk of PING?

I have been told that PING presents a security risk, and it's a good idea to disable/block it on production web servers. Some research tells me that there are indeed security risks. Is it common ...
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31 votes
6 answers

Is pinging a website essentially the same as visiting the website through a browser?

I was looking at the domain information of a website ( on that Chrome connects to whenever I visit a specific an old Tech Times article about Thunderstrike 2, a Mac firmware attack ...
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Wireshark Gratuitous ARP

I'm playing around with scapy and wireshark and I have sent a packet to a destination that does not exist ( Wireshark shows an ARP attempt to resolve the address but as its not there the ...
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