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Questions tagged [infoleak]

This tag is for any class of exploits that leaks information relevant to further exploitation, such as stack cookies, kernel pointers, and memory layouts. It is not used for mere disclosure or loss of confidential data.

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1 vote
0 answers

What was the recent non-Google data breach (April 2024)?

I recently suffered an unprecedented number of hacking attacks. The following accounts of mine were accessed: Patreon Amazon (both accounts) Paypal (3 unauthorized purchases, 2 recovered, one denied) ...
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0 answers

Analyzing impact of leaked client_secret in Authorization Code Flow in Keycloak (CVE-2020-27838)

CVE-2020-27838 describes that Keycloak has an open endpoint where it's possible to obtain client_secret information, as shown in the example below: /auth/realms/{realm}/clients-registrations/default/{...
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Verbose Headers/Information Leakage via HttpResponse Headers vs fingerprinting via named headers

I understand that a header like X-Powered-By can reveal details about the operating environment that can be used to find known vulnerabilities because you often get the language and compiler/...
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1 answer

Does Google Meet leak my IP?

My friend asked me if it possible to get somebody's IP from Google Meet just by being in the same meeting. He found a video that says it is possible. But when I read about webRTC and STUN servers, I ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Will this Account Lockout mechanism increase the severity of a information leakage vulnerability that leaks usernames?

I found an information leakage vulnerability on a company website and I found that the information includes all the usernames of the users. I also observed that the application uses a lockout ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How sensitive are acoustic side-channels to compression with a narrowband codec?

Assume sensitive audio emissions from a mechanical keyboard. These audio emissions are often sufficient to reconstruct the actual key presses that generated the sound. If the audio is compressed using ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Setting up VPN tunnel: what are the possible ways by which my true IP address could leak? [duplicate]

I bought a subscription to a VPN service and I set up the VPN tunnel using openvpn. In order to avoid DNS leaks, I am using the DNS servers provided by my VPN provider by manually enforcing /etc/...
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1 vote
2 answers

Cracking diffie-hellman public key to obtain shared key

I'm given 2 prime numbers, g and n, as well 2 public keys, ga mod n and gb mod n, as part of a leaked Diffie hellman key exchange. I need to derive the shared key gab mod n using the given information....
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1 vote
1 answer

How do hackers take advantage of apps that are known to be leaking personal information?

I'm wondering how apps that leak personally identifiable information can be taken advantage of by hackers? How would they have the infrastructure to capture all that information that come from ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why did I never see those "spy signal jammers" for sale?

I recently watched a 1980s computer television programme about the problems of spying. Basically, they showed how anyone could buy relatively cheap and common hardware and then be able to sit outside ...
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-1 votes
3 answers

How is it possible that important databases keep getting put online with literally zero security?

The ANPR camera system's internal management dashboard could be accessed by simply entering its IP address into a web browser. No login details or authentication of any sort was needed to view and ...
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2 answers

Did I just find a bug in CloudFlare or is this a feature?

While doing penetration testing for a client I stumbled upon a security incident. CloudFlare promises to hide the origin IP address when using its DNS. I went to, inputted my client's ...
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107 votes
8 answers

Ex-contractor published company source code and secrets online

Just found my current company code on the plain internet. We are talking hundreds of thousands of lines of scripts and configurations, including database schemas and a fair amount of internal ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is super paranoid use of HaveIBeenPawned password API going to help?

They way I understand HaveIBeenPawned password API is that it's a safe system because the site "can't do much with my partial hash even if they wanted to". But is that really true? Is the ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Computer name naming convention for security

I've been doing a security audit and found out you can easily identify host roles and running services just by their computer name (using nslookup). I would like to report this so that they use less ...
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0 answers

Identifying kernel pointer infoleaks via static analysis

Leaking pointers from the kernel can be useful to an attacker. Normally, pointers are printed using a special identifier, %pK, which will sanitize them. However, there are times when a kernel pointer ...
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