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The Internet is a global network consisting of many networks connecting billions of devices together via a variety of network technologies.

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How can I detect real location of the user through their IP address?

There were many ways to detect the user's IP, for instance we could get it through a single click link or through any other medium of communication where we could get the user's IP. But the tedious ...
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My ISP uses deep packet inspection; what can they observe?

I found out that my ISP does deep packet inspection. Can they see the contents of HTTPS connections? Wouldn't having HTTPS ensure that they can't see the contents being transferred? And can having a ...
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How to detect self destructing emails? How to prevent from self destruction?

Recently I came across a gmail extension for Chrome browsers which claims to send self destructive emails. I tested by sending self destructive emails to my email account and it works fine Now my ...
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Is it possible to detect VPN in the network?

Is it possible to detect the use of a VPN in a network? Let's say that I'm going to use a VPN during my connection in a country where the internet is filtered, and to avoid being monitored I installed ...
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How would a resourceful government block Tor?

I came across this article saying that after the November 2015 Paris attacks, some French police officers proposed to ban Tor. Tor is used to circumvent censorship! What security techniques would ...
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Is it safe to pay bills over satellite internet?

We bought a house. We need internet for basic research, email and paying bills, but there is no internet... Even a dedicated hotspot will not give us a stable connection. We are planning to get ...
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Why is leaving a passworded SSH over the internet so bad?

I've heard multiple multiple times to never leave SSH with a password open over the internet. Why is this so bad? I understand the password can be bruteforced, but what if it is a very strong ...
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8 votes
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What techniques do advertisement companies use to get my browsing information, and how can I stop them?

In the past year, I've noticed a strangely increasing incidence of advertisements on various web sites being for products that I was browsing for elsewhere. This makes me extremely uncomfortable. It ...
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Google DNS query pointing at ISP instead of Google

I am not sure if this is actually an issue or not or if I am just being too paranoid, but I noticed this upon arriving home to Alaska recently (location is important as you'll see shortly). In short, ...
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2 answers

Are string comparson timing attacks practical over public networks

Related are-there-any-working-proof-of-concept-string-comparison-timing-attacks I was looking at doing some encryption and hashing in PHP and came across this note Please be careful when ...
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Monitor websites being visited on network

I need to monitor the websites being visited on my wifi network by the different IPs connected to the network. What is the best way to do this? I spent some time with Wireshark but I feel it is a bit ...
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Phones broadcast the SSIDs of all networks they have ever connected to. How can these be obtained by an attacker?

I just watched an interesting talk from Glen Glenn Wilkinson titled: The Machines that Betrayed their Masters. He said that your phone is constantly broadcasting all the SSIDs it has ever connected ...
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How do I hide the OS I am using from internet sites?

I am currently trying to mask the OS system I am using from the websites I visit. I'm doing this for an added layer of security. How would I go about hiding the OS from websites?
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Is possible to get infected by only staying connected to the Internet (nothing else)?

I have a router and I'm the only user. I have a computer with Linux and a tablet with Windows 8.1. Because of a few problems, I had to reinstall Windows on the tablet. Since I'm a bit paranoid about ...
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Why no support for TCP Sockets in JavaScript

I know there are now WebSockets, but what is the issue with providing a socket API to allow interacting with existing protocols? I mean, after all, I can use a hidden flash object to do the same ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to find out whether an ISP adds a perma-cookie to my requests?

I am interested in finding out whether my (or any) current ISP (Internet Service Provider) uses a technology known as "perma-cookie" oder "sticky cookie" when I am browsing the internet. This ...
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I want to host a server from my home computer; safe?

I am planning to make public a website I have been working on; it seems to me that the only way I can do this without needing to pay any extra money to external hosts etc. is by hosting the server ...
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Websites know which other websites I visited?

Google Chrome has a "do not track" option, but with a warning: Many websites will still collect and use your browsing data — for example to improve security, to provide content, services, ads and ...
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Secure no-login REST API for very few clients

I'm designing a very simple data collection device for a research project. Because we are logging, among other stuff, the GPS position of actual vehicles, we need to protect the data. Since we ...
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Constant Dos attacks on my router appear to be taking out my internet connection

So I'm a noob here and have been doing some research on why my internet (cable modem) locks up about once or twice a week ever since installing a Netgear N900 router a few months ago. After asking ...
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Is it insecure to publish the private IP addresses of my devices?

I'm interested in both IPv4 and IPv6, but more-so IPv6 because of how unfeasible it is to find valid addresses by just guessing-and-checking. Edit: My concern is that more trust may be given to IPv6, ...
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Does HSTS provide security advantages on private networks?

For systems that only connect to the internet via a single dedicated private network (no WiFi hotspots), and assuming no systems or components on that network are compromised, does HSTS (HTTP Strict ...
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Will an ISP give out network/traffic info upon request?

Nothing big, just a fear of embarrassment. I use my mom's (she pays for it) internet service to connect online and stuff. The thing is, I am nervous that she may possibly ask the ISP for some traffic ...
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How can I double check security against a TLS on a public IP?

Dilemma We are setting up a docker registry server for our company as per these official indications: We are ...
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Does routing internet traffic via VPN through a company proxy gain any more security?

There is currently an ongoing discussion in our company about what security measures to put in place regarding workstation access to the company network and the internet. Situation: Employees have ...
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Is it possible for the firmware of an SSD be infected by malware/malicious rootkits via the internet?

I am asking this because based on Snowden's relevations, bad actors "interdict" (intercept) shipments of routers, HDDs, SSDs, servers, etc., install malicious rootkits and spyware in the firmware and ...
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