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The Internet is a global network consisting of many networks connecting billions of devices together via a variety of network technologies.

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Simple method requiring no installation of special tools to share a file over the internet

I have searched for related topics, but found other existing answers to not be satisfactory, because they require installing special tools. This is a very common use case. For example, I want to ...
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Couldn't establish a secure connection

NordVPN popped up with "Couldn't establish a secure connection." "We couldn't validate this TLS certificate and ensure a secure connection required for NordVPN to run. It looks like ...
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Can websites see the Google account I'm logged into?

If I go on a website, can the owner see what Google and Youtube account I use (on the same browser or not) even if I don't give that information away? I ran one of those tests from and it ...
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Zero-Trust alternative to google sign-in, is this a feasable design?

I was thinking about zero-trust systems over the last few weeks and it seems like there are many things that could be implemented that way. With password managers being one of those things, I was ...
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UFW behind modem does not block remote IP

I have a small linux server with fail2ban and UFW installed and configured behind internet gateway modem which ssh port is forwarded to server. The attackers are discovering by fail2ban and added to ...
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What can ISP see when John vpn into Tom home where John and Tom use the same ISP?

Here's the flow: (John home. ISP A) → VPN → (Tom home. ISP A) What can John and Tom do if John and Tom would like to let ISP see less information as possbile?
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Windows Defender SmartScreen Heuristics

Question Is there a clear list of the high level heuristics used by Windows Defender SmartScreen when deciding what files to block? Context Our in house developers have built an electron app which ...
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How to tunnel intranet web site with php file?

I have this configuration: ________ | | Internet -----> | Server | ----> All intranet server port(443) | | port(80) ------...
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Router network seperation when an (unknown) device is connected via LAN?

I share a router (Asus RT-AX58U) with my flat mate. Because the rooms are on different floors it is of no use for him to use the wireless network (he doens't have the password). He bought his own ...
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Is it possible to hide a servers location on the internet?

Can you make a server appear to be in another country and how would you do it?
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How to prevent my ISP from seeing what sites I visit without a VPN

I use opera browser, and while the built-in VPN has been working relatively well it's been preventing me from joining discord voice calls and using omegle. Is there a way to hide my activity from my ...
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Does a secured guest network on my router create significant vulnerability?

Guests need to use Wi-Fi when they come by, so to minimize risk, I've simply kept a secondary secured router running for guests since it's not possible to understand anybody's computer & security ...
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Is it a Bad Idea™ to open all IPv6 ports for devices in an isolated guest network?

At home I have a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 broadband connection, and I also have a wireless access point. The access point currently bridges all traffic into my LAN, which is not segmented in any way, so ...
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nethogs finds many connections without process ID

Monitoring my network connections with nethogs (on ubuntu machine), I find many connections, which I cannot identify. The columns are PID USER DEV SENT RECEIVED and most connections are owned ...
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Is it possible for a hacker to spoof the internet time, or any HTTP or HTTPs response?

I want to create an application that self-destruct after a certain date ( say: 2022 January 1st). For this I will get the time from the internet, and then compare it with the given date, and if the ...
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The practicality that a home network / router gets compromised

I know that it's theoretically possible that a router can be hacked, and malware can be spread throughout a network merely by being connected to it. However, I'm wondering what exactly the chances of ...
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Can a device that connected to malicious network once be compromised even after disconnection from malicious WiFi?

I need to take my personal laptop to the workplace so I will be using their internet that only employees usually use. However, if the network I connected to was malicious, is my data only compromised ...
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How to protect against simple web distributed viruses

I work as a data recovery consultant and a surprisingly large number of my clients are individuals that caught a virus from "The Internet". A lot of people would browse dodgy websites, download all ...
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