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IoC (indicator of compromise), an observation during a forensic investigation that indicates that an intrusion probably took place

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IoCs of Pegasus spyware penetration

What are the indicators of compromise (IoCs) that indicate methods used by the Pegasus spyware on mobile phones? How is penetration still possible when the latest and up-to-date OS of the phone is ...
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Enpoint protection: How to search an organisation for hash value

As part of incident response to malicious code outbreak and given the hash value of the malicious artifact, I would like to search across the entire organization for this specific hash value. Do you ...
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Essential / popular TAXII feeds [closed]

TAXII feeds are a great addition to a monitoring solution such as a SIEM. However, to my knowledge, there are only three distinct openly available providers: Hail A TAXII OTX Limo What other threat ...
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How to respond to Indicators of Compromise?

We've received frequent emails from our Threat Intelligence Group with IoCs artifacts, such as file names, hashes, domains/urls. They request us to do preventive measures for the given attributes. ...
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Finding a mimikatz file on a compromised host? [closed]

So I am currently struggling with a cyber security lab, and after searching various online sources and reading documentation I can't find a solution. The 2 tasks are as follows: "The attacker has ...
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OpenIOC terms and attributes

How to map URL IOCs in the OpenIOC domain? I thought Network/URI would be the more appropriate term but then I saw an open source project mapping from Network/URI in OpenIOC to URI in MISP and from ...
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How do I list IP addresses a system is connecting to from its memory dump or OS image (obtained from FTK Imager)? [closed]

I'm looking for a tool that will enumerate the IP addresses that a system is connecting to. This is mainly for forensic purposes, to gather IOCs. I know we can run a netstat on windows, but would like ...
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sandboxing IoCs and signatures

Sandboxes are used for automated extraction of indicators of compromise (IoCs) that can be used to write signatures. Can this signature then be used, for example, on an IPS system to block certain ...
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Indicator of Compromise effective periods [closed]

How long should IOCs be monitored even thou they might be "outdated"? Are there best practices or other reasonings? I would think monitoring IOCs indefinitely is not ideal. Perhaps 90 days would ...
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When to model a concept via object vs taxonomy vs galaxy in MISP?

Taxonomies in MISP are a triple of (namespace, predicate, value) referred to as "machinetags". Galaxies seem to be similar. The MISP galaxy docs state that MISP galaxy is a simple method ...
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What is an indicator of compromise?

I'm struggling to understand what is an indicator of compromise. I found different definitions on the web but I still don't know. The definitions I found are: 1 - Something (file, network connection) ...
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Indicator of Compromise - Mozilla Firefox - Malware Redirect [closed]

I am having a strange issue where dragging and dropping an email onto a Mozilla Firefox window redirects the first tab to one of several websites, and the second tab opens with some text from the ...
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How to read command line argument for potential issue

I have a IOC that has a command line argument that looks like this below. Wanted to see if someone could help me parse it out a little bit to understand what is happening. C:\Windows\System32\mshta....
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RegistryItem IndicatorItems in OpenIOC - what levels are required

I have seen people specify RegistryItem/KeyPath, RegistryItem/ValueName, RegistryItem/Value to fully specify the value of a registry entry, and others just use RegistryItem/Path, RegistryItem/...
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indicators of compromise via email servers

Malicious files are commonly infiltrated on to the network via email attachments. Besides awareness and education to my staff to refrain from clicking on suspicious attachments, I would also like to ...
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