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Is an IRC conversation using TLS between two people, one of whom owns the server, end to end encrypted?

If I run an IRC server, and my friend and I connect over TLS and chat, is the conversation essentially end-to-end encrypted because all computers that see the plaintext messages are owned by one of ...
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New to IRC specifically BitchX, what is the best way to remain anonymous

when getting a list of users in a channel I can see all of my personal details. First question is this what everyone else sees, and second how can I make sure my full name is never visible.
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Smart Lightbulb Using Common IRC port found in NMAP - anything to worry about?

UPDATE: Looking at the product again, I don't think this even has built in Wi-Fi (it uses bluetooth for the connection). I don't know what I am looking for here in Wireshark, but I added the host ...
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Remove irc whowas history [closed]

I registered a "foo" account on freenode irc server. When I run /whowas foo I can see the last login of "foo" user and public IP. I want to remove that information and I have tried to connect/...
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Packet analysis of IRC traffic

I've been going through this malware traffic analysis exercises and part of the malicious traffic detected is IRC traffic over non-standard port 443. This is picked up by ET Snort rule sid:2000348; ...
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Is SSL/TLS pointless for IRC?

Assuming a network which has absolutely no support for SSL/TLS, as rationalised by this blog post, is it possible guarantee the security of privileged operator connections? There are already ...
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What happens to messages sent in IRC without voice?

I was in an SSL secured IRC earlier and accidentally pasted and sent something sensitive in a channel in which I didn't have voice permissions. I got the error: You need voice (+v) I'm new to IRC ...
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How is IRC so secure/untraceable that hackers and pirates use it to communicate?

What is so special about IRC that hackers use it to do online meetings, ignoring every other option, like messengers or social media? It seems to be very secure that it gets used to send commands to ...
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