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Secure a Jenkins node to only run approved scripts?

We have a series of Jenkins nodes that are used to deploy changes onto our SQL Servers, which works fine as long as everyone behaves and can be trusted. The worry is that a rogue developer or hacker ...
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git reflog is showing plain text password used as a secret texts or files in Jenkins

We are using Jenkins Freestyle Project to push the changes on the remote server. We are executing shell script on remote host using ssh for it. To pull the changes on the remote server, we are using ...
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OWASP ZAP does not scan all urls in Jenkins

I have two set ups with ZAP and Selenium, local and on Jenkins. Locally, I can start ZAP, run a Selenium process with ZAP as a proxy and then start the spider and then put ZAP in attack mode. This ...
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ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on a site that doesn't use SSL/TLS, on an odd port

I've set up a server running Jenkins. The web-interface doesn't have SSL/TLS support turned on by default, and I have not attempted to turn it on, and do not want to turn it on (for now at least). ...
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Why would Jenkins want to read the memory of lsass.exe?

Is there any legitimate reason why Jenkins would ever need to request the memory of c:\windows\system32\lsass.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service)? The endpoint protection (Carbon Black) ...
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