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John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix systems, supported out of the box are Windows LM hashes, plus lots of other hashes and ciphers in the community-enhanced version ("jumbo"). []

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How to crack `salt + SHA256(salt + password)` hashes with JTR?

I have a set of password hashes. Here is an example: 9e74437e97ff201ff38416138a22a7f3adfa3b9c10e947481bd94b16eed7df6b6e2806 From the source code of the application generating this hash I learned that ...
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Generate John the Ripper rule

This question asks for pointers about generating JtR rulesets, but the OP states I understand how to use it to make various permutations from a given wordlist Could someone please explain that? ...
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show previously hacked passwords with John The Ripper

I tried to crack my windows passwords on the SAM file with john the ripper, it worked just fine, and it shows me the password. But when i try to hack the same file again, john just tells me : Loaded ...
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John the ripper passwd file format with salt not working

I'm trying test password strength in one of our e-commerce sites. I'm using john the ripper to brute-force a password file. The algorithm used by PHP is: $hash = md5($salt . $pass) No other ...
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John the Ripper - Can't get cracked MD5 hash to show

I'm trying to crack some MD5 hashes given in OWASP's BWA on their DVWA site. I was able to use John the Ripper and the very first time it worked fine and it showed the reversed hashes using the code: ...
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Does john the ripper not support yescrypt?

I'm learning about password attacks using john and am trying to use it for bruteforcing my shaddow file. I created a user called newuser with password stuff and then used sudo unshadow /etc/passwd /...
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How do I crack an id_rsa encrypted private key with john the ripper?

I am trying to crack a password protected id_rsa, with john the ripper. But it doesn't find the correct password for some reason. I have create a new user and generated a new id_rsa with ssh-keygen (...
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Pointers for john the ripper rulesets

I've been pouring over the JtR ruleset documentation and making little progress. I understand how to use it to make various permutations from a given wordlist, that's fine. However, I'm trying to ...
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"john --format=axcrypt" is not returning results

I would like to open a mysterious old file that I found on my Hard Disk, the contents of which I do not know nor can I guess from its name (PB-mp4-rar.axx). The file was password-protected with the ...
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Understanding the output of John the Ripper

The hash I am trying to break is 279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa, it's part of a task for learning John. I created a file hash.txt using: echo -n 279412f945939ba78ce0758d3fd83daa > hash.txt. Then, ...
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pwdump8-8.2 correct hash for Microsoft Account Win10

I am having a real issue cracking one NT hash i've pulled from my system for a Microsoft Account. I used - PwDump8.2 I have an admin account unlocked on the system and can access most files. I know ...
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John the ripper not able to crack the password

I generated two hashes from this site: Plaintext 1 (p1): world Salt 1 (s1): hello Hash 1 (h1): 936a185caaa266bb9cbe981e9e05cb78cd732b0b3280eb944412bb6f8f8f07af Plaintext 2 (p2): world2 Salt 2 (s2)...
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Generating passwords with rule: the contents within a 10 characters string must maintain a certain ratio of numbers and letters in no particular order

I'm playing around with Kali and am looking to crack my WPA2 default password. I started generating 10 character passwords with a charset of solely digits and upper alpha lastnight and after 10 mins, ...
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John the Ripper [duplicate]

I've already cracked a PDF with pdf2john but it doesn't show the password. What could be the problem? (The password isn't blank.)
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