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Can I know kernel address layout and memory mapped IO layout from the user privilege in linux kernel?

My current understanding is that the user does not have any way of knowing the kernel address space layout due to the protection mechanisms such as Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR). ...
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how did the meltdown attack break KASLR in 128 steps for a target machine with 8GB RAM with 40bit randomization on a 64bit machine?

In the meltdown official paper released the authors broke the KASLR with 128 steps at worse. Unable to understand how did they come down to that number Paper for reference
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Which attacks are known that exploit the vulnerability known as Spectre?

As reported yesterday the Linux and Windows kernels will receive a security update pretty soon to close vulnerabilities that concern 'kernel memory leaking'. What exactly the design flaw is, that was ...
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