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Questions tagged [key]

Physical or digital keys. Digital keys are used for encryption or signing, or for authentication (e.g. API key). For product keys, use the tag product-key.

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Write a Python or C program to guess the key [closed]

Key generation program in C: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> #define KEYSIZE 16 void main() { int i; char key[KEYSIZE]...
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Use multiple computers for faster brute force [duplicate]

I've watched Mr. Robot lately and can't stop thinking why it was so hard to decrypt files encrypted using AES encryption with a 256-bit key. Let us say the only method to find the key is through brute ...
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How to find a wep key inside a pcap file with only 2 IV?

I have a pcap file that contains 3 packets. I need to find a WEP key inside these packets. These packets contains only two IV. It's not a live attack so I can't try brute force.
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Validating an Ed25519 public key

Is it possibly to test if an Ed25519 public key is valid without having access to the private key, a signed message or anything except the public key? "Valid" as in "Not just 32 random bytes". I'm ...
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How to securely store API keys

I need to store API keys for my users. These keys are extremely valuable as they are used to buy and sell things. Some users won't want to give these keys to anyone, and I'm trying to figure out a ...
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How to protect API Key in Android application

I was working on one Android App which was communicating with RESTFull server. We made an API Key which was inserted in header of GET and POST requests. This API Key was stored in Strings. App is no ...
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Using weak Veracrypt password safe?

Is it safe to create a Veracrypt partition (on a USB) such that it takes up the whole device (ie. not a "file", but using the USB as the storage container) it contains only a standard volume (no ...
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Why is an HSM required to protect CA certificates (rather than a regular USB token)?

Typical USB tokens (Nitrokey, YubiKey...) allow an everyday user to store PGP keys and use them to encrypt email, harddrives and so on. The same vendors also offer distinct products called HSMs (...
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Generate and add new encryption subkey?

My encryption subkey (but not my signing or other subkeys) expired. How do I generate and add a new encryption subkey using gpg?
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PGP expired encryption subkey : renew or replace?

I am in the process of learning PGP (GnuPG more precisely). I am trying to figure out which is the best strategy for my encryption ([E]) subkey in terms of expiration/revocation/renewal. Could you ...
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How do I securely encrypt and store database encryption keys? [duplicate]

I have a database with encrypted information, and want to encrypt each entry with a different key. Then I want to store the encrypted keys in another database. I know I have to encrypt the keys before ...
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Automatically import/deploy/distribute private key to users for use with S/MIME

it is an Environment with Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and Windows/Outlook as Client. Now there are the users which have their own private certificates to send signed mails and encrypt ...
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Multiple CSRs from the same private key

Consider that I generate a new undisclosed private key using openssl: openssl genrsa -out personal.key 2048 I then generate the multiple CSR requests (called csr1.csr and csr2.csr): openssl req -...
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deleted a subkey and can now no longer decrypt

My public key had expired so I tried to edit the expiry date with gpg --edit-key It seemed to be too much trouble somehow to modify the correct subkey so I deleted the subkey instead with the ...
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Multiple TLS / SSL sessions originated between 2 Windows Servers (2012R2) sharing the same symmetric session keys - is this possible?

I'm testing a scenario where 2 applications residing on 2 separate windows 2012r2 servers are opening N concurrent TLS1.2 mutual authentication sessions (using different certificates for the client ...
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Static Key Ciphers and key persistence

A vulnerability report states the following: The server is configured to support ciphers known as static key ciphers. These ciphers don't support "Forward Secrecy". In the new specification for ...
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Is the term "only-unlocking key" more accurate than the term "private key"?

Paraphrasing this: Symmetric cryptography is like a door lock. Everyone that has a key can lock and unlock. Asymmetric cryptography is like a common lock or handcuff. Anyone can lock it but only the (...
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