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Are all USB-based attacks dependent on being able to inject keystrokes?

From what I've seen, USB-based attacks such as RubberDucky need to be able to open a terminal and then execute commands from there, usually to download and then install malware or to open a reverse ...
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Is bluetooth keyboard more secure than USB keyboard for a malicious firmware?

There are some threads talking about Bluetooth keyboard security. But I have a different concern. I will only need 4 keys from an external keyboard, Home/End/PageUp/PageDn keys. Because I use them a ...
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MSTG-PLATFORM-11: Prevent custom third-party keyboards on Android?

The MASVS states in section "V6: Platform Interaction Requirements" MSTG-PLATFORM-11: Verify that the app prevents usage of custom third-party keyboards whenever sensitive data is entered. ...
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Can I safely sell a used keyboard without risk of new owner recovering previous inputs?

As far as of my knowledge goes, keyboard don't store keystrokes in their memory by default (excluding those bundled with keyloggers). The thing that comes to my mind though is that some keyboards do ...
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Apple bluetooth keyboard insecure connection?

From time to time, I see this dialog box pop up on my MacBook Pro screen. It typically happens as the computer wakes up from sleep. Magic keyboard is trying to connect using an unsecured Bluetooth ...
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Apple Magic Keyboards in Public Spaces Man-in-the-middle

Let's imagine that I leave a Mac with wireless peripherals in a public space like a co-working space that might end up with other wireless devices nearby or physical access (say, at nighttime). My ...
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How can I find out if a wireless keyboard is encrypted / secure?

I bought wireless keyboards from Ali Express (brand is Royal Kludge) that connect to the pc using either Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz USB dongle, and I want to make sure no one can read my keystrokes when I ...
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Does authentication for USB keyboards exist?

I think bluetooth has an authentication measure. As a user, when I get a new bluetooth keyboard, I have to: Go to my computer, search for bluetooth devices Put my keyboard in "pairing mode" My ...
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Do mechanical keyboards only have non-modifiable firmware baked in?

I always used to use a mechanical keyboard to type. Recently, I found a hardware trojan in my keyboard's firmware. Can mechanical keyboard firmware be modified?
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Remote monitoring of key strokes — is an RF retro reflector required?

Is it possible to remotely monitor key strokes on a laptop or is an RF retro reflector required? If so, where would be the most likely location such a device would be placed?
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How safe is sharing keyboard & mouse between work laptop & my personal laptop

What I need to know is if my work laptop (remotely managed by Org) installs or tags some hidden software on any devices being plugged in to the USB (obvious security hardening on their own part) which ...
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How to tell if a mouse/keyboard doesn't have on-board memory?

How to tell if a mouse/keyboard doesn't have accessible on-board memory? I know if it has: there are tells like custom macro buttons for example, and I was told by A4tech support: if a mouse doesn't ...
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Hide reverse shell window launched with HID attack

GOAL: the attacker insert into a victim's laptop an USB which act as a keyboard. The payload opens a terminal, executes a reverse shell and hides the terminal. PROBLEM: the tests I did locally (...
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