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A software (and sometimes hardware) module which perform keystroke logging (more often called keylogging or "keyloggers"), which is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.

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9 answers

Is making a clean install enough to remove potential malware?

Is formatting the disk and reinstalling the system from scratch (to Ubuntu) enough to remove any potential hidden software spyware, keyloggers etc.? Or can something still persist installed in the ...
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Does overlaying the mouse on a virtual numeric keyboard really protect against keyloggers?

I just saw for the first time a new way to enter a password, at the Banque Postale (French Bank). You are given a virtual numeric keyboard and to type you can just leave the mouse cursor over a number ...
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How easily are keyloggers foiled?

I was wondering exactly how powerful can keyloggers be? For example someone wanted to access his bank account (which of course is through HTTPS), he will "enter" his password using a combination of ...
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Can I determine if my computer has a key logger installed?

A friend of mine just started a job at a security sensitive company. They've provided him with a laptop with Windows XP Professional installed. He's heard a rumor from other employees that the laptops ...
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Are virtual keyboards not necessary anymore to protect against keyloggers?

My bank has issued a new version of their online banking site. This new version has no virtual keyboard to enter the PIN. I asked them how are they protecting me against keyloggers but I didn't ...
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13 votes
2 answers

My bank makes me enter my password using the mouse. What's up with that? [duplicate]

Internet banking login process for Westpac requires user to enter the password using the mouse. It's annoying, what's up with that? Is it just to try and stop keyloggers on public computers or is ...
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What's the safest way to enter information on a website?

On-screen keyboard you have to work with a mouse? Copy and paste? Type a string of random characters and then delete the extraneous ones? Something else?
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2 answers

SafeZone: keyloggers/malware/spyware protection

As part of Avast free updates you have a chance to use SafeZone browser. Among features of SafeZone browser I found that SafeZone protects you from keyloggers/malware/spyware. I'm interesting ...
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7 answers

How safe/secure are banking applications on Android phones?

I have a mobile banking application installed on my phone which allows me to pay for things, transfer money using my phone from my account to another etc. How safe or unsafe is this application? For ...
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22 answers

How can I avoid my password being harvested by key loggers from internet cafes?

During traveling, especially in poor countries, sometimes you are going to need to use the internet at an internet cafe and you really can't be sure whether anyone has installed anything to listen to ...
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2 answers

Keystroke logging and virtual machines

I wanted to know if someone can log my keystrokes if i am on a virtual machine. Is it more secure to use a computer or a virtual machine on that computer.
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21 votes
7 answers

Defence Against Keyboard Keylogger

I am wondering whether there is a way to defend against USB Keyboard Keylogger (obviously other than physically checking the keyboard every time after leaving my computer unattended). These days, ...
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20 votes
6 answers

How do I know if Google keyboard input is safe for use?

I wanted to send out a message containing some non-Latin characters on my Android phone. When I tried to change the keyboard input method, a warning came out: ATTENTION This input method may be ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Keyboard sniffing through audio recorded typing patterns

I've been thinking about this for a while; I know people are aware of wireless wiretapping of keyboards. However, has there been research on how to wiretap keyboards based on typing patterns? I'm ...
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8 answers

Keyloggers on Smartphones?

I need to clarify my question. I'm wondering if there are any apps for smartphone that can log each 'keystroke' (i.e. key pressed on touchscreen) that a user does. Performing a google search brings up ...
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3 answers

Can serving HTTPS to Internet Explorer on Windows XP be made secure?

Answers to Why is HTTPS not the default protocol? state that a lot of sites still use clear HTTP instead of HTTPS because all of these are true: A substantial number of visitors to the site use ...
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3 answers

How effective is Windows Task Manager at identifying keyloggers?

I just hit upon an idea I have used in the past to distinguish between two instances of the same program, one of which was hung. While Task Manager is open and visible and sorted by CPU usage, I pick ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Keyloggers and Performance Benchmarks

I don't know very much about keyloggers; but I thought I'd be able to detect the presence of one by writing a program to simulate keystrokes (in Windows) and recording the throughput, then repeating ...
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How seriously should we take this commentary from John McAfee? If it's serious, what do we do? [closed]

This question refers to this YouTube video of John McAfee Because videos can disappear, I've provided a screenshot and transcript (transcribed by me, so please forgive errors) What John is saying ...
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Corporate IT monitoring and access to user private data (keylogging? https data transmission?) [closed]

I work at a large company that requires employees to sign a digital certification saying that we recognize the right of the said company to monitor all data and communication on our work laptops, and ...
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Will antivirus detect all keyloggers?

Our company schedules Security Training courses for our personnel. In order for us to test them, we develop code such as keyloggers which we email to our personnel to detect stupid personnel, and of ...
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48 votes
2 answers

How secure is "Secure Keyboard Entry" in Mac OS X's Terminal?

I've been using Terminal under Mac OS X for years but somehow missed to spot this feature: I'm now wondering how does this actually work, and is it 100% safe? If it isn't, what technique could be ...
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27 votes
6 answers

Why is it considered safe to install something as a non-root user in Linux environments?

We always hear it is safe to run unknown programs as non-root users in Linux because non-root users are sandboxed from the system level and can't change anything out of their permission scope. If ...
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3 answers

Prevent keyloggers on Linux?

Are there any mechanisms in the Linux desktop architecture to prevent malicious software keyloggers? What would be an ideal Linux setup to make it very difficult for an attacker to install a keylogger ...
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4 answers

Can I protect against keylogging by using the mouse? [duplicate]

Can I protect against keylogging by using the mouse? For example, to enter the password hunter2, I might do the following: type ttter2 select the first tt and press ← Backspace type hun To a ...
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How to detect a keylogger in a USB keyboard? Can a USB keyboard host a keylogger?

I recently got an USB keyboard. I want to investigate if the microcontroller of the keyboard may host a keylogger and how could it interact with a Windows OS. My understanding is that, once Windows ...
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2 answers

How do I report a vulnerability to a large organization that doesn't believe it has a problem?

This issue is more political than technical. The organization has a lot of computers that connect via web browser to a central database. Customers are regularly left unattended with physical access ...
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2 answers

Can Keyloggers get passwords from Windows 7/8 Logon Screen?

If yes, do you know some examples of Keyloggers capable of perform this? EDIT: I mean when logon in the windows right after power on the PC and/or when locked with Win+L.
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GUI isolation in X11 when entering Truecrypt password

I have been getting a bit paranoid regarding some of my old TrueCrypt containers. The paranoia has got nothing to do with suspicions regarding TrueCrypt itself (after the shut-down last year), rather ...
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Is it risky to use an untrusted keyboard?

Suppose you're buying a new keyboard (say USB-wired, but consider Bluetooth connected as well) from Ebay. Is it risky to use that keyboard in a sense that it could be more than just a keyboard? ...
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Does the use of an on-screen keyboard give a false sense of security or protect against all types of keyloggers? [duplicate]

Does the use of an on-screen keyboard (OSK) give a false sense of security? For example when people use the OSK in an attempt to prevent key-loggers from logging information like passwords, typed on ...
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Can BIOS firmware log keyboard input? If so, is there any way to detect and prevent it?

Recently I purchased a server board made by Lenovo with a "Intel Management Engine" inside BIOS. It is said that it is able to intercept and redirect keyboard input, even if an operating system is ...
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How do I protect password enteries in Xorg?

I have been doing some reading about security issues with Xorg on Linux, and was surprised to find that you can keylog any GUI application using two shell commands... xinput list xinput test <id ...
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3 answers

Task Manager and Keyloggers

I know that some of the best keyloggers can't be viewed from the Task Manager. Where can one see if such keyloggers are running on the system? Will they be in the Windows Services or are they hidden ...
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What security mechanisms are in place for iOS' custom keyboards?

Apple has just announced iOS 8. The new version appears to be more extensible than previous versions, and one of the new possiblities is to allow developers to develop custom keyboards, different than ...
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Apple iPhone Security

How difficult it would be to install an application that could record users keystrokes on an Apple device, for example, an iPhone X, and send it online without the knowledge of the user.
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How can I detect possible spyware/keyloggers in my computer? [closed]

The reason is because of a recent data leak. I suspected that someone may have inserted keylogger to my computer. (a software, trojan). Some people think that the only way to really make sure there ...
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