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A software (and sometimes hardware) module which perform keystroke logging (more often called keylogging or "keyloggers"), which is the action of tracking (or logging) the keys struck on a keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. There are numerous keylogging methods, ranging from hardware and software-based approaches to electromagnetic and acoustic analysis.

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Need Security advice on virtualization and windows security

I have a little doubt about the security of my virtual machine and Windows. Can anyone please point me in right direction? Below is my what, how and why I made my virtual machine. Let me tell you what ...
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Bitwarden and gamecontrollerd on OsX Big Sur

Recently, I came across an issue concerning a daemon named gamecontrollerd in OsX Big Sur. On my laptop I'm running ReiKey (from Objective-See), which aims at identifying possible Key Loggers that ...
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How vulnerable is my Veracrypt-protected data to key logging attack via Windows?

Objective I've come into possession of some data that I'd like to protect. If an attacker destroys or corrupts my data, I can tolerate that; Plenty of backups exist. But I can't tolerate an outsider ...
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What data is bitmoji keyboard collecting about me?

Bitmoji is a virtual keyboard for iOS and Android to create personalized emojis (very paraphrased). I've found a few blogs looking at the permissions it requests and the privacy policy that it shares ...
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APSHook.dll keylogger record keyboard inputs

My antivirus software detected APSHook.dll which is an application used by credible companies ( Cognizance Identity Manager or Bioscrypt VeriSoft Single Sign On or Credential Manager for HP ...
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Are there any tools out there that can 'trick' keyloggers?

Are there any tools out there that can 'trick' keyloggers? I was wondering if there's any 'enigma-style' tools available along the lines of providing time-randomised keyboard mappings. For example: ...
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Surreptitiously surveil a logged out laptop AD workstation's keyboard with temporary physical access?

I can think of multiple ways to surveil a logged out computer with temporary physical access. The first is installing a hardware keylogger which would enable one to get all the keystrokes from it; ...
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Can a Remote Desktop software prevent windows 10 keylogger from accessing what is typed on client computer during a session to a remote computer?

The “improve inking and typing” setting in Windows 10 allows Microsoft to send themselves processed samples of what is typed on a machine (not sure if it is processed to remove details as it’s typed ...
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Most Secure ways to to authorize clients on their devices that are remotely connected by (AnyDesk, TeamViewer, etc...) without knowing the password

My case is I'm designing an app based on chromium browser powered by Electron . And I need sometimes to log the clients in with some web apps. The password is only visible as dots in browsers by ...
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Is there a type of login security that is keylog and screen capture proof that doesnt require a 2nd device?

I am looking for a login security measure where it is keylog and screen capture proof. Is there some type of login security like a 2FA without the need of a second device, but remembering a pattern or ...
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Secure password transfer from stdout to another window

I am currently trying to build a little, secure password manager. As of now, I've implemented the encryption. Each website has its own file and each file has a number of fields (Most commonly username ...
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