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Kismet is an intrusion detection system for WiFi networks.

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Android Device Suspicious SSID probes

Have the latest nightly build of kismet running on both the master (LXC container) and a drone (running on a Raspberry PI 4 using the 64bit version of Raspberry PI OS) The drone server is using a mix ...
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Detecting changes in surrounding WiFi networks [closed]

I’m considering developing a simple WiFi scanner and logging App that can run as a service 24 hours a day for months, passively collecting changes in the surrounding wireless environment with the ...
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I have .Kismet files in my root directory. Where could they come from and are they dangerous?

I use Parrot OS security. When i was listing the contents in my root dir i noticed some weird file names that end with .Kismet. I know that kismet is a network intrusion detection software which is ...
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Why do I see bridged devices when monitoring Wi-Fi activity?

I'm trying to figure out what information about my infrastructure can leak through Wi-Fi. I ran Kismet and was surprised to see that a few minutes later, Kismet displayed not only the MAC addresses ...
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Why crack WEP or WPA/WPA2 PSK when it can be sniffed through monitor mode capture?

I am pretty new to the domain of wireless security and am trying to understand the various techniques used for compromising wireless networks. There are a few things that I am not able to correlate ...
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Locate rogue wireless access point using Kismet data

Is there any way how to use Kismet data to locate rogue wireless access points?
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How to configure Kismet to redetect same BSSIDs in a loop?

So I am working on a tool to detect any wifi device using Kismet. When I use Kismet, it works fine, but my problem is, it detects a device once, and until the MAC changes, it wont detect it again. ...
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Kismet Output Shows 3 Possible Encryption Options, Which one?

Ran into an interesting situation with Kismet and Airmon-ng while observing a client wireless network. Basically, I'm observing the network using airmon-ng, and I have my BSSID and frequency set to ...
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