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GPG4WIN Kleopatra does not require RSA secret key components to decrypt

I was thinking of using gpg4win to encrypt files I'll upload to cloud storage services. I already use 7-zip so if I just wanted to password protect my files I could have easily done it, but I wanted ...
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Kleopatra importing private key

I'm using Kleopatra Version 3.1.4-gpg4win-3.1.5. I try to import private key (my private key is in a separate file, just a plain text) with GUI and I've got it imported without any problems. However, ...
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Downloads and GPG singnatures [duplicate]

I've recently installed Kleopatra in order to use GPG for confirming the validity of downloads. I've downloaded the following (32-bit verison): I also downloaded the ...
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How to tell if a "PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK" is passphrase protected?

I've used gpg4win's Kleopatra tool to create an OpenPGP RSA personal certificate. I want to export the private key for several reasons (import it on another machine, as well as backing it up in ...
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