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One set of security standards for IoT devices?

In a recent hearing in the House of Representatives the question was asked whether it is feasible to create one set of security standards for all IoT devices. One of the panellists said yes and the ...
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USA PATRIOT Act and Office 365

I have a local Exchange server, which has several spam and email reception issues (Due to an expired subscription to a spam filtering system). I was looking at the Office 365 Exchange Online ...
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saving entire Windows event log for auditing & preserve digital evidence

As an admin one gets tasked with configuring [Microsoft Windows 10] computers so that auditing is enabled and captures all events as required by some list that's already defined and handed down. ...
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For pen testing why would the client need to sign a NDA?

I'm starting the process of doing some pen testing and other security related things as a contractor. Specifically regarding pen testing. I have been Googling around to put together some docs for the ...
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How can I establish origin/ authenticity of a electronic document

Scenario: PartyA had put up an online offer on PartyB's certain product, if I bought the product through PartyA's channel then I shall be entitled to an specific gift/reward if PartyB approves my ...
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Where can I find legal acts (USA) for storing or processing social security number, tax id, driver license?

There is a PCI DSS for credit card processing. Does somewhere exist similar requirements for personal data processing, especially in US?
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Would extracting logs from a European server to a US SIEM system cause privacy legal concerns?

Looking for an answer related to the European "General Data Protection Regulation." laws.
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Does analyst API Flurry break Australian Privacy Act or any other Legal, Regulations, Compliance?

I want introduce Flurry API in my iOS app. But I heard since 2014 Australia start an act to against web page and mobile app to collect user information. My question is simple: Does using of API ...
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What strategies can I use to negotiate security terms in vendor contracts for vendors in high geopolitical risk countries?

Please assume the following in responding: Data being passed to vendor is subject to data protection laws in the USA such as GLBA Data itself resides within the United States Switching vendors will ...
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How do LEA and others track no log VPN users?

Other questions have been asked but not with the specific details that I have shown (no log VPN, no leaks, dynamic user agent and JavaScript disabled). Hypothetical situation Someone sends a ...
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Audio steganography and DRM

I recently made a post about an audio steganography program and had another concern I thought I might ask. I understand that most music has DRM in them. If I hide secret files in audio files with DRM ...
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