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49 votes
3 answers

Is RAM wiped before use in another LXC container?

Edit: though my wording may not be exact, I understand that two containers don't have access to the same memory at the same time. My question is can one container see data that another has deallocated?...
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1 answer

What disadvantages running untrusted applications in anbox has over running them in a virtual machine?

I consider running Android applications in Anbox instead of running them in a virtual machine (Android-x86 in GNOME Boxes using QEMU with KVM). Does it increase the chances that malicious code in an ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Do BSD jails protect against some vulnerability class that LXC doesn't?

You can find many claims online regarding BSD jails being "better" in some way than Linux namespaces for containment, but they typically lack technical details. From what I understand, the attack ...
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How secure is LXD compared to Docker?

I was thinking on using LXD instead of Docker, but I can't find anything about how secure it is compared to a regular or a CIS hardened Docker. Any information about this?
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2 answers

What lightweight sandboxing options do I have on linux?

What can I use to avoid running a full-fledged VM that gives me comparable security? Possibly, something like but I don't know what their security properties are.
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LXC vs. LXD: Which is “more secure”?

My friend told me today that I should never use LXC without changing its default configuration. Instead, I should prefer to use LXD, as it is "more secure" by default. Is that true? What are the ...
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