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How to non-intrusively monitor my team's MacBooks secure configuration?

I'm managing a small remote team. We care about security and I want to be sure that our MacBooks comply with at least basic security standards, such as CIS benchmark. These are the ways I see I could ...
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hashcat skipping gpu even if it's recognizing the device and the driver is installed

I'm trying to run hashcat on a MacBook Pro. Running hashcat -I to check the devices' informations yields: hashcat (v6.2.5-38-g8b61f60e8) starting in backend information mode OpenCL Info: ============ ...
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How do I secure personal data on my computer when my employer installs monitoring software?

I have been working for a 100% virtual company for over a year, using my personal computer and I am fine with that. We were bought and now the parent company wants to add monitoring software to our ...
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How is my Macbook connecting to my WiFi APs without asking for a password?

When I work away from home (and home wifi) I use my phone's hotspot to connect my Macbook to the internet. However, it's always surprised me that I just have to click on the name of the hotspot to ...
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Can data be stored anywhere else on a MacBook besides the SSD?

Imagine the following scenario: There exist all kinds of information on my SSD. Now I take away the SSD of my MacBook Pro, replace it, and reboot. I should have a MacBook that is on factory settings, ...
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2 answers

If I am trying to clean install a MacOS with internet recovery, is it safer to use mobile network than WIFI network?

I just clean installed my MacOS Catalina on my MacBook due to virus on my PC that I worried got on my MacBook via usb file transfer. I did an internet recovery to reinstall MacOS Catalina with my ...
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Remote monitoring of key strokes — is an RF retro reflector required?

Is it possible to remotely monitor key strokes on a laptop or is an RF retro reflector required? If so, where would be the most likely location such a device would be placed?
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2 answers

Data security while MacBook is on lock screen

I've recently sent my MacBook (running on Catalina) to repair by a licensed Apple service provider. The whole thing was simple (replacing one key cap) and took about 5 minutes or so. But I forgot to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

MacBookPro's OSX install.log has entries that predate the initial unboxing

Basically what the title says. I recently had a look at my /var/log/install.log and the earliest entries are from about 2 full months prior to me unboxing the computer. The packaging had cellophane, ...
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Is setting a firmware password on a Macbook enough to prevent cold boot attacks?

I have a Macbook configured with a firmware password required to boot from any media other than the built-in NVMe drive. In theory, this means without my password you can't boot from removable media. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Best strategy to recover running Macbook "modern" Pro ram

(Take a Macbook Pro 2017 Sierra 10.12.5 for example.) What I had done was I downloaded (vouched by, itself by, unzipped it with finder, ...
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