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Questions tagged [macro]

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Does Python in Excel have the same Security issues as VBS in Excel?

Microsoft Excel supports Python scripts (source). VBScript Macros within Excel are known to be a security risk (source). If I read this emotet article right, then VBScript macros allow arbitrary code ...
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Google Sheet with macro opened on Android phone. Will the macro run?

I accidentally opened up a spam mail containing a google drive sheet with a macro on my Galaxy S8 phone. The spam email goes something like: Headline: "Need action! Withdrawing Funds id - (some ...
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2 votes
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Opened compromised Excel file - am I safe?

Long story short, got duped into opening an XLSM in Excel, with macros being enabled. Realised instantly. Digged into the Excel structure, found the following (extremely obfuscated) payload: =CALL(&...
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Parse VBA Macro Digital Signature

When I open up my macro-enabled office files (i.e., .docm, .xlsm, .pptm) that contain signed macros as a Zip file, I see the following three files which I assume contain the digital signatures for the ...
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Why does Mitre T1203 technique includes macros as software vulnerabilities?

I was reading a recent report about an APT and jumped into this Technique: This technique is called: Exploitation for Client Execution And that might match ...
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