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Malware is any software application which subverts the will of the legitimate owner of a computer, by means of force or subterfuge, with or without personal or monetary gain on the part of the creator.

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Can anyone give me more info on this sketchy url I recently visited, is it an attack site?

My girlfriend was browsing images on google when suddenly her browser redirected to this url: The site seemed to be posing as an anti virus, saying your computer is at ...
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Malicious Websites [closed]

Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. In Information Security, you get various alerts about particular machines on your network going to sites and/or IPs that have been flagged as "malicious"....
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9 votes
5 answers

Is disabling auto-run enough to protect against malicious code from removable media automatically infecting a machine?

If I block auto-run on a windows machine, is this enough to protect it from malicious code (assuming I don't run any files manually)? Or are there known vulnerabilities that may cause infection?
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How can I prevent viruses/malware from infecting my flash drive?

I've a pen drive that I carry to the college lab . It seems all the systems in lab is infected. I need to be able to write to the drive, so I can't simply write protect it. Everytime I insert a ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Malware nomenclature

If there a generally agreed upon naming convention for types of malware/virus? For example, are there agreed upon terms for virus, trojan, worm and the like? If one exists could someone explain it or ...
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Reverse engineering malware/viruses

Assuming a machine has malware, regardless of how it got there, one thing I would like to learn to do is to take the binary file and reverse engineer it to see what the malware is doing/has already ...
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Malware known to use port knocking to evade detection by network scanners?

Are there any known cases of malware in the wild that utilize port knocking on a backdoor to evade detection by network scanners?
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Malwares source repositories. Where? [closed]

As the best way to learn is to read the code, do you know where I can find malware/virus/whatever source code to read?
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