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What are the security implications of invalid free()?

CVE-2009-5030 OpenJPEG: Heap memory corruption leading to invalid free The tcd_free_encode function in tcd.c in OpenJPEG 1.3 through 1.5 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (...
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Dyanamic class load for server side application

Is there a problem to use reflection (specifically class.forName) in server side application? My main thread about this is someone to inject a code dumping memory in JVM and adding commands in ...
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How does glibc prevent malloc unlink exploits?

The classic malloc overflow, of overwriting pointers in a free chunk, to cause free() unlink to overwrite an arbitrary location with an arbitrary value, is no longer possible with modern glibc (...
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Downsides of increased ASLR entropy

ASLR allows to randomize the base address of userspace applications. In Linux, the length of the randomized part of the mmap address can be specified via the kernel build config. It is bound by the ...
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Would this way of going about protecting users' data in use be secure, or overkill?

I've got information security as high as possible with my Flutter app so far with encryption and proper storage for data at rest as well as data in transit. With this question I'm only aiming for ...
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Secure memory buffer

We are designing a Python application and we need to "load" encryption secret key in "memory" at the application boot. It can be also an admin pin code. Anyway, just some data. Our ...
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C Security Code Review

I have an interview where I am expecting to have to review some vulnerable C code and point out the vulnerability(s). I am by no means a C developer, but I do know that the common vulnerabilities are ...
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