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Questions tagged [metasploit]

Metasploit is an open source exploitation framework that acts as a tool for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine

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Metasploit Development Reference

The Metasploit team provides some documentation on how to develop exploits, but other than looking through the sourcecode (which is annoying considering how much time I spend going from this file to ...
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Metasploit Closing Connections?

Whenever I attempt to use an exploit (that I know will work) from Metasploit in Windows on a machine on my LAN, I always get the error Exploit exception: An established connection was aborted by ...
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nessus scan against metasploit exploits

I am thinking about launching wide nessus scans (in the "IP range" sense) against exploits present in metasploit. The idea is to limit the number of plugins so that that the scan finishes in a ...
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Browsing exploits with Metasploit console

Is there any way to browse certain exploits in MSFconsole? The show exploits command shows too many and I cannot find a way to show just Windows file format exploits, for example.
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