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Did a Huawei modem just try to do a Man-In-The-Middle attack on me?

I have a replica of Huawei B535-333 LTE modem. While I was working from home on my computer I randomly got a security alert saying that certificate for connection with was issued ...
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Is it safe/smart to reuse your router? [closed]

After a factory reset, would a router reuse the original Mac and IP addresses with it (even if I subnet)? I work from home and live in an apartment complex. Are there any sketchy mac tracing, spoofing,...
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What is the name of the box that hackers connect to a router in order to spy on all your traffic?

I watched a documentary where hackers entered a victim's house by pretending to be from the ISP and then connected a box to a router in order to spy on all of the victim's traffic. Later, the hackers ...
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How do you secure a Windows 11 PC connected directly to modem without a router?

I saw this post but it focused more on Linux. It sounds to me that the main thing that makes using a router more secure is the fact that it blocks any inbound stuff, which sounds simple enough to set ...
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Can my ISP router, which is set in bridge mode be theoretically hacked or is the risk at the router behind the "modem"?

I am using an ISP provided router in bridge mode with my own router. Where is the risk of getting hacked? Can my ISP provided router in bridge mode (=modem) be hacked? Can it get firmware updates ...
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