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Multi-tenancy involves a single software instance serving multiple groups, each of which has specific privileges to maintain separation of concerns.

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Keeping customer secrets safe from sysadmins and devs in Kubernetes

I've spent a few weeks on GCP and GKE (Kubernetes) trying to figure out how to store customer secrets. The secrets are used by some application even when the user is not logged on so I want to ensure ...
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Multi-tenant SPA with multiple OIDC providers

I'm building a multi-tenant app that has the unusual requirement of allowing tenants to use their own choice of external systems for login/authentication ie: tenant 1 uses Azure AD, tenant 2 uses ...
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Is it secure for a platform to use the same private key for multiple clients' SSH connections? Specifically: In a text editor, add the below public SSH key to the authorized_keys file. The key must be all on ...
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How should SQL Server users be managed for a multi-tenant application?

I've looked extensively for a duplicate question, but I couldn't find anything that answers this question exactly. I have a SQL Server that will be used to store data for a multi-tenant application. ...
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Which OAuth2 flow should I use?

Context I'm trying to build an hybrid multi-tenant API using OAuth2.0 using Laravel 8 Passport, so my system has 2 parts: one process the request from the tenant application, and the other part ...
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PCI Compliance and multi tenancy?

I am developing a Multi-tenant application to allow tenants to open an e-commerce shop (similar to Shopify). We are hosted on AWS. At this point there will be under 20,000 transactions in the first ...
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Secure authentication for sites which allow user to modify js/html

We have a site builder, allows users to add/modify JS/HTML/CSS. Is it possible to provide a global authentication for it? I mean users login once but can interact with all sites as their own names. ...
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Risks associated with a compromised external Security token server

Consider the following architecture: An on premise Web API 2 [Written in C# hosted in IIS] which uses OAuth 2 authentication [ Implicit Flow ] to secure itself. This API acts as the data source by ...
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Does a shared (but encrypted) private key for a group of users reduce the effectiveness of the encryption?

That is, is it generally considered more secure to save a single application-wide private key on the web server compared to storing (protected/encrypted) private keys in the database? More ...
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Security concerns over predictable URLs in a multi-tenant environment

Consider a multi-tenant SaaS application that uses domain names to identify which customer to serve. Customers access the application using,, etc. The ...
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Is it reasonably possible to enable vulnerabilities via gadget chains?

The meta question here is that I'm trying to understand the risks to multitenant java applications from gadget chains. For example, we're all familiar with the deserialization gadget that allows the ...
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Sharing individually encrypted elements between users of a system

I'm creating a file sharing system, in which the unique key of a file is one of the critical components to the retrieval of that file. For simplicity, lets say the unique keys are the file names. I'd ...
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Manage SSL certificates for a multi-tenant website

We have given customers the option to allow custom domains which ultimately point to our server by changing the CNAME. Some of our customers would like to have SSL enabled to their domain but I am ...
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Should we encrypt data in a multi-tenancy product in the cloud?

We have started to develop a multi-tenancy product. The product will be deployed in the cloud. Should we encrypt the product data? Should the data for each tenant be encrypted using its own key? ...
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Security risks of multitenancy

Is there a security risk of using same firewall hardware as the company perimeter firewall device (providing multi-tenancy) which is already shared by other companies? Is there a possibility of being ...
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How to manage customer-supplied encryption keys in a multi-tenant cloud SaaS?

I'm working at an EU-based company and we'd like to offer business customers some kind of OS-independent cloud-based SaaS platform for processing and storing sensitive (health) data. We'd like to ...
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Reverse proxy sharing one certificate for multiple servers using Subject Alternative Name

The following is a scenario for an attack where one website can impersonate another. I am told (including by this answer) that it's impossible, but I would like to understand exactly what prevents it. ...
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It it a good idea to whitelist inbound email using a Hash on the address? (Similar to BATV, but with DKIM)

Problem Statement I'm looking at ways to ensure that business partners, or emails from trusted senders, never get quarantined; other words prevent "ham being seen as spam". Ideally this ...
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How to manage passwords in a multi-tenant surrounding?

I am building a multi-tenant application in a shared database model. I would like to encrypt sensitive data so that only a particular tenant could have access to his data. What is the best mode to ...
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Multi-tenancy, SSL Certificates, and Subject Alternative Name

The X509 specification allows a CA to issue a single certificate for multiple hostnames, by using the "Subject Alternative Name" extension. From the spec: The subject alternative name ...
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