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Questions tagged [network-scanners]

Programs that map out a network to figure out which computers and services are available to be exploited.

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Nethogs showing several IP addresses and ports - Port sniffing?

I have a small Ubuntu server (VPS from provider with control panel) machine for practice purposes - no production or critical stuff. I've set up ufw and nginx with a sample index.html page. I control ...
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Does hping support FTP Bounce scanning?

Does hping support FTP Bounce scanning? I googled it, but I couldn't find its command, so I think it didn't support it. I just find command for nmap not hping.
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How to evaluate a responsive but unknown network protocol?

I am studying CREST CPSA where the syllabus is listed here. There is a part of the syllabus which states I should know the Evaluation of responsive but unknown network applications. I find this ...
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Getting reverse shell from firewalled target

Suppose this scenario: You are already inside a corporate network. Suppose to find out a RCE in a X service. The machine that hosts that service is behind a network-based firewall, ingress rules and ...
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Unable to ping scan my machine (but I can ping)

I need to perform an nmap scan on all of the (responding) IPs in an array of VLANs. The command is nested in a PowerShell for loop and looks something like this: nmap.exe -Pn -T4 -A -oG [FILE].txt -oX ...
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Intensive 586 (ms-shuttle) port scan/exploit/hacking attempts

Recently i wanted to play a bit with TCP/UDP networking (and touch some custom HTTP server impl) on C# and found out that i'm getting requests from totally unknown dudes, such as this one: FROM: [::...
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Is there an updated (non-Nmap) top 100 or top 1000 common ports list?

I know Nmap has nmap-services file which gives us the list of top 1000 ports/services found on the Internet. But this list seems to be outdated, as the Nmap top 1000 list doesn't include several ...
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Local Scans initiated from a VLAN Broadcast IP address

Just reviewing some logs and I am seeing local scans to several local IP addresses on port 137 within my network. The source IP however is the broadcast IP of the VLAN (.255). I have checked the ...
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How secure is my apartment's building wide wifi network using Spectrum Community Solutions?

Recently my apartment moved from having individual modems (with our own router/wifi network) to this Spectrum Community Solutions building wide network. Everyone can connect to the network anywhere, ...
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Is it possible to circumvent (ignore) routing table without root permissions?

The local host is configured to send all non-local traffic to a restrictive firewall VM configured in the routing table (route). Preliminary scanning shows that other routers are available on the ...
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Scapy problem in sending packet

I am trying to use Scapy for testing the network. Whenever I send a packet with commands like send, sr ,sr1 I get this message: python.exe has stopped working I am using Scapy 2.2.0 on Windows 8....
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Port scanning against assets that are behind a WAF

I am trying to automate my recon process. For port scanning, I resolve subdomains to IPs then loop over those IPs with masscan. But is it worth it to port scan an asset that is hidden behind a web ...
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NMAP same destination ip, different scanner interface, different result

I am trying to check the port status of a external IP using NMAP, I am getting different result on different interface to same destination (destination is a public IP). When NMAP tried from the ...
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How to find out what payloads are being uploaded when I am running a scan of remote website?

I have been running an Acunetix vulnerability scan of a remote website (containing 50 subdomains). I am not doing anything else on this system. However, my system is connected to a remote VPS via VPN, ...
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Router scanning ports on all connected devices

From time to time, my router starts to scan ports on all the connected devices. I have an internal RPi server which I restricted its access to the internet from the router. I checked the "/var/...
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Very odd traffic - is it legit?

While troubleshooting an unrelated network problem, I noticed an interesting pattern on one of our networks for the last few days (at least). Before crying wolf, I wanted to see if somebody here may ...
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Host not connected to my router shows up in a nmap scan

After scanning my local network with nmap, this host shows up listed as a nmap result but it is the only host that shows on nmap that is not listed as a client on my router list of connected devices. ...
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Using an active or passive scan, can I detect all devices connected to or transmitting via a Wifi network?

I know that it's possible to do a passive scan on all channels to see if an access point sends a beacon. However, is it also possible to listen to general Wifi traffic on that channel and assemble a ...
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Port scanning - Idle scan 2.0?

I have some server applications and from time to time I'm being victim of some attacks which might be of interest and I'm going to describe in the following. The most recent attack originated from ...
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Why nmap password scanner completes in 10 seconds and doesn't give any result?

I'm completely new to nmap and I'm trying to brute force passwords on a target. A command that I'm trying is: nmap -p 80 --unprivileged --script http-form-brute <target> But instead of "...
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How to identify additional resources when pivoting

I'm currently looking into pivoting when performing network penetration tests, but I'm having issues with reconnaissance. Given the scenario I have full control over a server, which is publicly ...
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Zenmap: Can't get hostnames for clients just IP addresses

I have run both a quick and intense scan on my network with Zenmap and I can't get the hostnames of the clients. If I do an ARP scan I get some hostnames and if I use Fing app on my iPhone, I can see ...
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How to find out which application runs behind port 31337?

I found an open port on a "Kartina Quattro" ( It's a device for watching russian TV channels. The port number is 31337 and the Service is called ...
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Get IP address of camera

Is it possible to get the global IP address of a nearby camera? For example, an IP camera is connected to a network, but you are not on that network, and cant get access for whatever reason) but you ...
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