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Private ip address revealed by nginx, should I worry?

I run nikto on a server, let's say and it says the following: OSVDB-630: The web server may reveal its internal or real IP in the Location header via a request to / over HTTP/1.0. ...
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Nikto nocache option

I found an option -nocache : Disable response cache in here But when I tried it, I always get this error Unknown option: nocache
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Nikto giving incoherent results [closed]

I'm running a scan with Nikto. The command I'm running is pretty simple: nikto -h -p 5050 It's a Node.js server. But I get a gazillion vulnerabilitites, for instance: OSVDB-19947: /...
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Nikto authentication

I am trying to complete a war game on Hell Bound Hackers. I wish to use the nikto scanner to check some pages for vulnerabilities, however I first need to log into the Hell Bound Hackers war game, ...
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