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Questions tagged [obfuscation]

Obfuscation refers to hiding the intended meaning of communication.

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164 votes
2 answers

I found unknown PHP code on my server. How do I de-obfuscate the code?

We've been getting a lot of noise regarding hacked PHP files here, and it's taking a lot of time to answer these questions. In many cases, they are off-topic. We've had a discussion about this on ...
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15 answers

How to store passwords written on a physical notebook?

Answers to the question "How safe are password managers like LastPass?" suggest that storing personal passwords on a physical notebook might be a reasonable option: I know someone who won't use ...
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4 answers

What does this malicious PHP script do? [closed]

Somebody hacked my site and uploaded this script (template46.php) to my webroot and its content is: <?php $vIIJ30Y = Array('1'=>'F', '0'=>'j', '3'=>'s', '2'=>'l', '5'=>'M', '4'=>'...
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Is using 'dot' and 'at' in email addresses in public text still useful?

When entering your email address publicly, a practice is to replace . with text dot and @ with text at. I assume that the reasoning is that this way automatic email-collector robots won't match your ...
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Should we protect web application source code from being stolen by web hosts through obfuscation?

Is it worth to obfuscate a java web app source code so that the web host cannot make wrong use of the code or even steal your business? If so, how should this be dealt with? How should we obfuscate? ...
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17 votes
5 answers

Obfuscating JavaScript code

Some Flash developers are afraid of JavaScript. Their point of view: Stealing JS source code is effortless, one would just 'view source' and copy it. Yes, you can decompile Flash bytecode, however it ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What risks do I have now that I accidentaly opened a suspicious URL send to me by Skype?

The following URL was sent to me by a trusted Skype contact (from my university): WARNING - DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING I clicked on ...
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31 votes
3 answers

How to deobfuscate suspicious JavaScript code? [duplicate]

I'm a sysadmin and one of my users just told me that he opened a JavaScript received by mail. Apparently there is no impact but since I don't know this language well, especially when its obfuscated, I ...
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Does code obfuscation give any measurable security benefit?

I've always firmly held the belief that obfuscation is essentially useless. Obfuscated code is not impossible to read, only harder to read. I had the belief that a sufficiently skilled attacker would ...
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28 votes
10 answers

Is obfuscation worth it [closed]

There are many tools to obfuscate .NET applications. The free ones do some basic obfuscation while commercial ones seem to promise more. My question is: Is it worth to use the commercial obfuscation ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Preventing reverse-engineering of client application

I have a web service which is used by a Flash client. Both the service and the Flash client is produced by me (read: my company). The Flash client communicates with the server over HTTPS. One of the ...
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74 votes
7 answers

Is image blurring an unsafe method to obfuscate information in images?

Is image blurring an unsafe method to obfuscate information in images? I.e., is it possible to "de-blur" the image, if you know the algorithm and the setting, or by trial & error? For instance, ...
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4 answers

Processor microcode manipulation to change opcodes?

I had recently thought of an extreme way of implementing security by obscurity and wanted to ask you guys if it's possible. Would a person with no access to special processor documentation be able ...
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1 answer

Reversible password storage obfuscation method for third-party login credentials

I have an internal business application, that as part of its functionality connects to a third-party app using login credentials specific to the user of my own app. These passwords are stored in a ...
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2 answers

Canonicalization & Output Encoding

I'm reading OWASP's Secure Coding Practices Checklist and under their "Input Validation" section they have an item that reads: If any potentially hazardous characters (<>"'%()&+\\'\") ...
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3 answers

What are the implications of including binary blobs in the Linux kernel?

According to this there are compelling reasons for caution when installing obfuscated binaries. Knowing this, how can running binary blobs as a part of the Linux kernel be acceptable from a security ...
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Javascript phishing attack sucker: Do I need to be worried? [closed]

So, I'm an idiot. I opened a javascript phishing attack file. I would really, really appreciate some help with decoding the Javascript to figure out whether I'm in trouble, and what sort. I'm on OS X ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Preventing reverse engineering through obfuscation and LLVM [closed]

I just came across this concept of "obfuscation" and randomizing the binary so that attacker can't use it to reverse engineer a particular piece of software. Can anyone point me to resources which ...
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Could always-listening mobile apps secretly spy on conversations?

Various apps and services available on modern smartphones constantly listen with the mic (e.g. Siri or Google Assistant listening for wake word, "Now Playing" feature on Pixel phones). To settle user ...
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What kind of encryption or obfuscation is this? [closed]

I found this script on a web page who attempted to change my router's DNS configuration. But I can't understant what kind of encryption or obfuscation is used. Here, a sample of the code on the page:...
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