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A technique for anonymous communication over a computer network. Encapsulating messages in layers of encryption, and sending the data through a series of network nodes called onion routers. Each of which "peels" away a single layer, uncovering the data's next destination.

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Anonymity in initial Key exchange in onion routing

Maybe I will be wrong, please correct me and at the same time answer my question. I know the keys are exchanged between client and Tor relays through circuit extension requests (other than first relay)...
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What are the risks of running SSH over Tor?

Goal The intention is to set up an SSH entrance which is more secure (or at least more obfuscated) than a default setup with Port Forwarding or VPN. Previous research and context TL;DR, see question ...
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ECDH or DH sharing using onion routing

I have come up with a new ECDH sharing method, where I give the common key to dozens of people in advance and then randomly select about 8 people to share the ECDH with whom I want to talk by relaying ...
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Tor: is a relay cell's header also onion-encrypted?

I am puzzled by the question if not only the data, but also the header of a relay cell in Tor is onion-encrypted. I understand that when an OR receives an outbound relay cell and peels off one layer ...
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Onion Routing Encryption

I'm curious how, in onion routing, the relay nodes identify which node to forward the message to? From my understanding the message must travel a specific path based on the keys the user has. I don't ...
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What's the advantage of connecting to an onion address over a regular domain through Tor?

Many websites offer both standard domains that you can access through any browser and onion addresses only accessible via Tor. I wonder what is the privacy advantage (if any) for the end user when ...
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Tor: How does entry nodes communicate with middle nodes? How does middle nodes communicate with exit nodes?

In Tor, when a client communicates with an entry node, they exchange the parameters such as the prime number and the generator with each other through DH. What about when an entry node communicating ...
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What is extra 3 relays in .onion in Tor connection

When I visit any website in Tor browser and if I see the diagram of the circuit that Tor Browser is using for the current tab in the site information menu in the URL bar, it shows 3 relays: Guard, ...
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Onion Routing Network: Analyzing the size of the encrypted message to determine distance along a circuit

I am teaching Anonymous Networks in a Cybersecurity class. I am understanding (what I think) is a good deal about the process TORproject uses for its network by using this as a guide. https://skerritt....
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How to check if you are navigating anonymously

I have been reading a bit about the deep web and the dark web, and that you need to connect to the onion network through a VPN to navigate anonymously. I'm currently using Tails and its default system:...
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Is it possible to spy on Tor browser within local network?

Imagine yourself connecting your personal device to your workplace wi-fi network. Can managers, network administrators, or some other person/potential attacker see my browser's activity if I'm using ...
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Can you trace a .onion address? [duplicate]

How can I get the IP address for a Tor Hidden Service (HS) with a .onion address?
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Tor Hidden Service In-Depth Questions

I've recently learned much more about Tor hidden service, thanks to this post, and its answers. But I am still wondering about a few small tid-bits... As said in the linked post: Q: If a hidden ...
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Few Questions About Tor Hidden Services

According to this, when you connect to a hidden service using tor you go through 6 nodes instead of 3... why? From what I understand when you connect to a website that is not a hidden service you ...
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Creating secure circuit in first generation Onion Routing

I'm reading paper on first generation Onion Routing from 1996. From paper: "To begin a session between an initiator and a responder, the initiator's proxy identifies a series of routing nodes ...
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Tor and Orbot, possibility to add in dynamic AES encryption structure before data is send out? [duplicate]

I read on the documentation about the security issues on Tor, that it is ok if the website is running on HTTPS, but how about on Orbot and site that is not running on HTTPS? Even if it is running on ...
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How to establish VPN connection through Tor? [closed]

How do I connect to a VPN network via Tor? Is it more anonymous than the other way around (VPN-->Tor)?
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Is it safe to access HTTP sites from Tor?

Somewhere I read that you should only open HTTPS links on Tor because otherwise your ISP for example could read the webpages you visit. I searched on the subject and somewhere else I read that the ...
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Onion routing vs crowds

I have been studying about computer security and at some point i came across the terms of onion routing and crowds. From what i have understood they are very similar in their usage (interchangeable). ...
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About onion packet and onion routing?

I was just wondering if anyone has a diagram showing what is encrypted inside an onion packet when it leaves the sender? When a Tor client sends the packet out, wouldn't the entry onion node know ...
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