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Questions tagged [opal-2.0]

Security specification for storage devices defined by TCG.

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1 answer

Opal 2.0 motherboard compatibility

I need to know if my motherboard is Opal 2.0 compatible. I have asked the question to it's manufacturer but he answers that he doesn't know, claiming that the tests to determine the Opal 2.0 ...
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Is Opal-based full disk encryption fully working for Linux? [closed]

I'd like to know to manage the password purely via the BIOS and not need to run any utility e.g. sedutil.
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1 answer

How is the DEK in a SED drive encrypted?

I am using a Samsung Evo 960 NVME SSD. I have encrypted the SSD using its built in hardware encryption features, which follow the tcg opal standard. If I understood correctly, the disk encrypts all ...
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How does the Shadow MBR improve security for Opal v2 SEDs?

Opal v2 and above drives are required to support multiple locking ranges, so it's possible to block access entirely to the majority of the drive and only have the bootloader w/ PBA support section ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How secure is OPAL 2.0?

I basically cannot find any credible information online as to how secure OPAL 2.0 drives are, and so I don't really know how much, or in what cases, I can trust their encryption to keep my data safe ...
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Portability of SED supporting TCG Opal 2.0

I've ordered a Samsung SSD (850 PRO SATA) that supports TCG Opal 2.0. At first I was planning on setting an HDD password (aka ATA password) via BIOS. But motherboard manufacturers don't seem to ...
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1 answer

Is the Shadow MBR used in SEDs a security vulnerability?

I've been reading up on Self Encrypting Drives and I'm having trouble understanding how the Shadow MBR is not a security problem. I found these slides which indicate that the Shadow MBR is stored in ...
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1 answer

How to enable OPAL SSD encryption on Windows without BitLocker?

A lot of SSDs now implement OPAL-compliant AES hardware encryption, which seems to be the only option to get full-disk encryption on modern PCs without buying the (very expensive) Windows 10 Pro ...
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Disk Encryption - Extended Boot Record protection

I posted something like this on SuperUser some months ago, but thought I'd try the security focused site. Anyway, I am working on a Disk Encryption project using OPAL drives. The OS is Linux, and is ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Samsung SSD 840 Evo Disk-Encryption

My question relates to the hardware encryption of samsungs 840 Evo SSD (maybe also other models): The theory: Samsung specifies that their SSD encrypts each data with AES by default. So if I choose a ...
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23 votes
3 answers

Free/Libre software to handle TCG OPAL 2.0-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)?

I'm in search of a free/libre software that is able to handle OPAL (2.0)-compliant SEDs (i.e. manage the setting of Pre-Boot Authentification (PBA) environment, encryption keys...). It could be a ...
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