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Questions tagged [opengl]

Open Graphics Library is a platform independent API specification for rendering 2D/3D graphics.It is generally implemented in GPUs

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Does enabling hardware acceleration increase the attack surface of software?

For software that process untrusted data and have an option to use hardware acceleration, does enabling hardware acceleration increase the attack surface of the software? Examples of situations where ...
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Securing server-sent shaders

I have been implementing server-sent shaders using OpenGL for a game (GLSL version 1.20.8). Executing server-sent shaders on the client obviously is remote code execution, which tends to be a bad ...
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Are the Trends of Type II Hypervisors and Newer Applications a Security Issue?

It seems that every time I have a new 'binge' at using the likes of VirtualBox or VMWare (the Type II version), they've introduced even more high-level features, often ones that remove layers between ...
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Is OpenGL a security problem?

Today, almost all desktop and most mobile operating systems and devices support some version of OpenGL. I'm wondering about the security implications of that: In many cases, the GPU has complete and ...
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