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Opportunistic encryption is optional encryption without a requirement of authentication, like STARTTLS in SMTP.

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Stolen Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) credentials

I would like to know how to guard against RDP-renting services such as which rents out stolen corporate laptops credentials. Are there IDS for such events?
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Is opportunistic encryption support optional for HTTP/2?

I'm a little unclear on the subject of opportunistic encryption of the HTTP:// address scheme in HTTP/2. According to the bug report, it looks like it's kinda optional, and an afterthought: https://...
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How can I enable opportunistic encryption for my web-site?

As per an honourable mention in an answer for « Why self-signed https is less trustworthy than unencrypted http? », it appears that there are already two post-Snowden drafts that have to do with the ...
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