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Questions tagged [opsec]

OPSEC or Operational Security is about keeping information safeguarded and is commonly used by militaries or governments.

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Would my hypothetical Opsec setup with the goal of compartmentalizing sensitive areas from an insecure sandbox be sensible?

The root cause of my problem stems from the fact that I need to run untrustworthy software on a bare metal windows machine, which means that I can't just have it in a VM because of major performance ...
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Red Teaming methodologies focused on op-sec and stealth

We are in the process of developing a Red Teaming team to offer as a service, and one of the biggest obstacles we are struggling with is how to maintain a good op-sec and stealth during engagements. ...
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Would fake GET request parameters be considered good opsec?

Let's say I was building a UI and wanted to provide my users with a tad bit more security in cases when their browser history or other personal data on their computer was compromised. If I was to add ...
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