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How to mitigate spoofing, keylogging password, stealing public key with smart card with external/internal smart card reader?

Here is my thought process: I want to use smartcards without passwords for my setup. We don't want to use Iris or fingerprint or voice. I only want to put in the card whenever something needs to ...
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Is "pam_ssh_agent_auth" more secure than passwords for sudo on a remote server?

I read about "pam_ssh_agent_auth" in combination with sudo, which can use a ssh agent to authenticate instead of using the users password:
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Creating Password from 2 different part

I’m looking for Term Or Some platform for managing Password Authentication with this way : Password construct from 2 Part , First one is static and you can make it and second Part Generate From TOTP ...
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Does a solution exist to permit account sharing without revealing the account password?

I'm looking for a process to replace the status quo of notepad and Excel. We've tested a market-leading password manager. An issue that comes up with this is that the secure sharing password facility ...
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At-rest encryption. Use SFTP log-in credentials to unlock/decrypt encrypted drive or folder on an Ubuntu Linux server

I have a simple file server running on a small Ubuntu machine that facilitates file sharing and 2 way folder syncing between my and my girlfriend's 4 computers through SFTP over a private network. The ...
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How good/bad are these transparent Linux consumer FDE setup options? (e.g. for auto-unlocking LUKS)

UPDATED Summary: I'm looking at Linux FDE options that are transparent to the user (my parents) in that the user doesn't need to enter 2 passwords. I found/thought of several options and tried to ...
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Is it possible to use Argon2id hashes with PAM?

I was wondering if it's possible to implement more secure KDF like bcrypt, scrypt, pbkdf2 and argon2id in PAM authentication. Ideally I would like to have their hashes instead of SHA-512 ones directly ...
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linuxpam-pam unix-security-bypass linuxpam-pamunix-security-bypass (31739) reported Jan 23, 2007 Linux-PAM could allow a remote attacker to bypass security restrictions, ...
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server access to application owners

I am looking for the right practice to provide access to application owners. As of now they are part of system admins groups. whoever part of the group login tho the servers any time and do any stuff. ...
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Is it good or bad to use group in sudoers file instead of using aliases?

I have used user groups heavily while designing access control policies. I find user groups very convenient as it's very easy to implement with PAM. Another reason I have organized the users with ...
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Service Account Best Practices [closed]

I am getting a presentation together for a topic I am not SUPER knowledgeable in. I am an admin within a nameless system, and of the opinion that a service account should be created for each ...
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Preventing Linux brute force concurrent su/sudo attempts

Its well known that popular Linux distros use the PAM default to slightly delay incorrect login attempts, thus mitigating brute-force attacks against a user account (for example, running su repeatedly ...
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How is Privileged identity management (PIM) different from privileged access management (PAM)?

I am very confused about those two, I was trying to understand the difference but it all sounds the same from what I read online.
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How were attackers able to login to the Apache Foundation's infrastructure over ssh with passwords? (2010)

SSH passwords should not have been enabled for login over the Internet. Although the Infrastructure Team had attempted to configure the sshd daemon to disable password-based logins, having UsePAM yes ...
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Is Privileged Access Management secured without regular Patch Update?

It is well know Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a solution that helps organizations restrict privileged access within an existing Active Directory environment. Many big company use it to address ...
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OpenVPN Invalid Logins lock with PAM

We are getting dinged on a federal audit because OpenVPN does not appear to support invalid login restrictions (i.e., only 3 before the account is locked). Has anyone else experienced this? We are ...
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Combining passwords and PAM

I'm researching the ways to implement an authentication server capable of 2FA - I want to be able to validate a short password along with a TOTP (probably Google authenticate). But I want to support ...
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