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How can we confirm with certanty a USB or Harddrive is not infected after reformatting?

Running the following code on a linux machine returns the partition tables and partial config of the hard-drive and USB devices. fdisk -l returns Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 238.47 GiB, 256060514304 bytes, ...
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Is there any increase to known security risks by mounting the EFI System Partition, on a Windows 10 PC?

Security risks, as in malware, attackers, or known vulnerabilities. Threats while the ESP is mounted, or after unmounting. E.g. Could it open access routes for future attackers. I aim to avoid ...
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Create quarantine/safe partition on external hard drive

I have a laptop I fear is compromised. I've run all the scans possible and nothing came up, but still I am dubious given that one night, just for a split second or so, I saw the mouse moving without ...
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Add directory of Luks partition to system PATH

I would like to keep some secret executable binaries inside a LUKS partition. This partition is not mounted automatically at boot, but only manually in some moments I would like to automatically add a ...
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3 answers

How do I secure personal data on my computer when my employer installs monitoring software?

I have been working for a 100% virtual company for over a year, using my personal computer and I am fine with that. We were bought and now the parent company wants to add monitoring software to our ...
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Secure mount options in Ubuntu CIS benchmarks too narrow?

this is the first of a series of questions on hardening Linux servers at the filesystem level. At work I'm hardening an Ubuntu 18.04 Server following the CIS benchmark 2.0.1. Instead of just running ...
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1 answer

Why Bitlocker requires partition on some computers but not all

We have HP desktop computers all identical. I setup Bitlocker encryption on one, no partition was required and the computer was fully encrypted. Second computer gave me a different result, Bitlocker ...
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2 answers

Full disk encryption vs targetted partition encryption for security experts?

There are "Average Joes" answers here for "Full disk encryption vs home folder encryption". I have three use cases in the frame of professional activities with customers wanting their data secured: ...
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1 answer

Secure erase partition only on SSD, not the whole thing

I have a 512 SSD which is partitioned into essentially two 256 areas. One for Windows, the other for Linux (Ubuntu). Neither is encrypted. I want to clean my system up, but am only concerned about the ...
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1 answer

Can I use Truecrypt/Veracrypt to "Wipe" a partition?

I am using a non-SSD drive: Western Digital Black 1TB. Windows XP (please don't judge why I'm still using XP. I've actually recentlly started to use Win 7). For ex: if I have 2 partitions. 500GB ...
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1 answer

Is an encrypted partition significantly less secure than full drive encryption?

The question Do I lose security by merely encrypting a partition of a drive instead of doing full drive encryption (FDE)? My concern arises because using an encrypted file container for a volume can ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Can ransomware affect hidden or "unmounted" drives?

I have an understanding of how ransomware works to a certain extent. But, I would like some input as to what it can do if the volumes/drives that are on a workstation are not visible or are not ...
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1 answer

Write protect a partition

I have an HDD partition that contains a Karaoke song library of 400 GB. Backing it up is cumbersome at best and requires a large external drive and hours of time. The library is the only thing on the ...
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Does the separation of the OS partition (C:) and data partition (D:) in Windows increase security?

I have to manage the security of thousands of laptops. Nowadays our laptops have two partitions, C:, hidden to users but accessible and D: where users store documents, images, etc. Do this separation ...
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