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In cryptanalysis and computer security, pass the hash is a hacking technique that allows an attacker to authenticate to a remote server or service by using the underlying NTLM or LanMan hash of a user's password, instead of requiring the associated plaintext password as is normally the case.

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Unable to access psexec resource using pass the hash (mimikatz+meterpreter)

Here is setup Machine 2 logged in as user2 share folder access granted to user3 Machine 3 logged in as user3 Machine 1 (server1.hacklab.local) domain administrator Here are the commands I used ...
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How to overcome MD4 hashing in SAMBA

We are using a Samba configuration on our RedHat (RHEL7.9) systems, where SMB authentication is based on an NTLM password hash, which is basically a clear-text credential for a challenge-response ...
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How does local pass-the-hash (mimikatz's sekurlsa::pth) work?

Mimikatz's sekurlsa::pth documentation states: mimikatz can perform the well-known operation 'Pass-The-Hash' to run a process under another credentials with NTLM hash of the user's password, instead ...
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Is it possible make a Pass-The-Hash attack with Responder?

The tool Responder written in Python permits to listen on a specific network card requests and automatically poisoning victims the steal hash NTLMv1 and hash NTLMv2. The attack Pass-The-Hash permits ...
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Is this Wikipedia article about SCRAM wrong?

At my Company, we put a honeypot in our network and it raised us the Lansweeper SSH password used to connect to the scanned assets (and it is reusable over many boxes...). So it is a way for an ...
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How to pass hash as password to ssh server

I have a hashed password $6$salt$hash. I want to ssh to a linux server with this hash. How could I do that? Do I need to change cipher spec? Is that possible?
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Remote access to Windows Workstation with credentials, after Windows 10 - 1809

I am a newbie in terms of OS security and I started learning from Windows; in particular I downloaded Win10 virtual machine and I am simulating various attack / defense scenarios on it. I would like ...