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Questions tagged [passwordless]

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One time password as passwordless authentication [duplicate]

When logging in to azure the login process emails me a short one time code to use and doesn't require a password. I am assuming it is a well trusted process in order to be used on such critical ...
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Repeated passwordless login links from linkedin

In the past few weeks I've seen periodic attempts of someone logging in to my linkedin accounts. They appear to use some sort of one time login link feature that linkedin has, which allows ...
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Secure Passwordless MFA authentication on mobile app

I want to secure my mobile app with a passwordless MFA mechanism. The registration/login flow would be: You register you account online with a username and a mobile phone (an OTP will be sent to ...
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3 answers

Is using TOTP from Authenticator app on a mobile device instead of passwords inherently 2FA?

A related discussion can be found, specifically addressing the security implications of using only TOTP for single-factor authentication However, in my view, using a TOTP code from a Google ...
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Are JWT's needed when implementing passwordless magic link authentication?

I'm working on a web application where a user gains access by clicking on a magic link sent to them by an internal co-worker. Upon clicking this link, the user is automatically authenticated and a ...
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Is Using an Authenticator App on the Same Device as the Passwordless Application a True 2FA?

I am building an application that a user can receive an access to by an internal worker. This works using a magic link, where the user will receive a one time link to authenticate in the app. Now I ...
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0 answers

Are there any drawbacks to using TAP (Temporary Access Password)?

In 2021 Microsoft introduced TAP (Temporary Access Password) and it became popular especially for onboarding users. Are there any drawbacks generally to consider when implementing this option for user ...
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