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Is it a good practice to add hard-coded salt to BCrypt passwords?

I am currently learning about cybersecurity and trying to implement it in my next web application. I have been reading some articles about hashing, specifically SHA2 and Blowfish. In this article, it ...
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Encrypting salted password hash before storing in the database

I have read here and here, that instead of using pepper, it is better to encrypt hashed/salted passwords before storing in the database. Especially with Java, as there's no library for salt/pepper, ...
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In-memory pepper

As far as I understand, a problem with the idea of a pepper is that, if it's stored as part of your code, then the hacker can read it if they can access your code. So I was wondering, would it not be ...
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Using a Pepper as the index to insert a salt

In this question on this board the author of the selected answer states the following. If you, as an attacker, manage to extract hashes and salts from a database, you probably either find a way to ...
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Appending a secret (pepper) to Argon2 password hashes

I've read quite a bit of the StackExchange and HackerNews debates on the user of "peppers" in password hash security. There are a number of different implementations of the idea of a pepper, ranging ...
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Does the use of pepper for passwords violate Kerckhoffs's principle? ​

Kerckhoffs's second principle: "It should not require secrecy, and it should not be a problem if it falls into enemy hands." Does the use of a pepper for passwords violate this principle, since ...
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How is a pepper used with salted passwords?

How is a pepper (a large constant number) used after a password has been salted with a salt by a hashing function such as bcrypt? From Sybex CISSP Official Study Guide, 8th Edition (2018): Adding ...
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Is a constant pepper at risk if an attacker knows the value and hash?

My app is a educational game for elementary schools, involving no money or anything of value, so I am not worried about sophisticated attackers having any interest in this. Still, I would like to ...
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How to securely hash/tokenize a string

A system I'm working on accepts as input a customer account number and needs to generate a token based on it. We're not allowed to store the plain text of the account number itself, so the goal of the ...
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Hashed passwords storage: iterations vs entropy [duplicate]

Context: A website is hosted on multiple dedicated servers. There are frontend webservers, backend DB servers and other servers between them. The DB holds user's accounts passwords. All connections ...
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