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Is this code attempting to identify individual computers? [closed]

The bbc news home page is directing some users to download and run some javascript from a data collection company. This collects many hardware and device identifiers, as their privacy policy ...
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How to protect the control environment of my web application? [closed]

I am developing a web application and want to do its setup and control using my personal notebook. However, the following topics concern me: 1) Enter the platform (includes the login in the control ...
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Persona combined with stateless token authentication

My REST-Backend is using Mozilla Persona to authenticate users. Normally you would just use cookies to authenticate any further requests but I want to use token based authentication (out of personal ...
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How to protect personal data requested by Certificate Authorities from data theft?

I recently uploaded images of my passport and driver's license to a Certificate Authority (CA) to apply for SSL certificates. The submission was rejected because I have added watermarks to prevent ...
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Where are the private keys stored in Persona/Browser ID?

I'm trying to understand where the private keys are stored in the Persona system, and how they are protected. Can anyone elaborate on where the crypto material is created, stored, and what is ...
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Should I ask a user to re-authenticate if the browser thumbprint changes? Is a server side library available?

Is there a security benefit to using the browser's thumbprint in addition to a session identifier to identify a unique session? Would it then be advisable to ask the user to reauthenticate (or simply ...
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21 votes
3 answers

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of webid compared to browserid?

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of webid compared to browserid? This question is inspired by this answer which got a number of upvotes despite being very vague on the topic of that ...
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45 votes
5 answers

What are the downsides of BrowserID/Persona compared to OpenID/OAuth/Facebook?

Mozilla went live with a new service called BrowserID/Persona (announcement, background). It is intended to replace current single-sign-on solutions such as OpenID, OAuth and Facebook. One advantage ...
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