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pfSense not working properly on Azure VNet? What do i do?

I'm currently working on a project based on creating virtual networks and configuring a virtualized firewall (pfSense) along with access control. I was given this project idea in a cybersecurity ...
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In IPSec, what block cipher mode of operation is "AES-256"?

Multiple IPSec implementations I've run across support "AES-256" as an encryption algorithm. (pfSense has this, Checkpoint has this.) What block cipher mode of operation is this?
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pfsense subdomain timeout with error 522

I want to attach a valid ssl subdomain to my pfsense. I would check it (with warnings) via my the pfsense's IP . I used multiple tutorials to come up with the following: Bought a domain ...
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How to protect against MAC spoofing in WiFi network?

I have this scenario: I want to create a WiFi network for a hotel that the customers should pay to gain access to the internet. I tried Captive portal, but captive portal is very vulnerable against ...
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Risks of running network services on a LAN hardware firewall

I am planning to set up a dedicated hardware firewall like Protectli and run a pfsense on it. I already know that: it is a good practice NOT to have a wireless adapter on the firewall unit it is ok ...
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How to block VPNs using tcp port 443?

I have a firewall (pfsense) acting as a gateway for my network users. All user traffic is going through this firewall. I need to block HotspotShield VPN traffic on this firewall. As known, this VPN ...
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Pfsense security issues?

I have used pfsense before as the main gateway, load balancer, traffic shaping, proxy, firewall, virus/malware protection, enterprise wifi solution for an entire office of 50+ users. Yet I have ...
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