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phpMyAdmin is a MySQL client web interface written in PHP.

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Server Side Request Forgery Vulnerability Question

I am working on a CTF called Internal. I know there are walkthroughs available but I am trying not to look at them for the time being and try and work through things myself. The admin page that is the ...
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How do I create comparable security to PHPmyadmin?

I have a website hosted by netfirms, and phpmyadmin is part of the package. It's a very powerful general tool, but it takes a while to load and there are some very long and specific tasks I need to ...
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protection from Backdoor hacks from disgruntled developer/ employee

I created a ecommerce site with a developer. He completed almost all his work but in the end we had some financial disagreements so our partnership ended in a bitter dispute. That developer threatened ...
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Can ModSecurity defend from Brute Force Attacks on PHPmyadmin and WordPress as well?

Can the software ModSecurity defend from Brute Force Attacks on PHPmyadmin and WordPress as well? A particular hosting company providing shared hosting told me that ModSecurity should cover ...
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What does the URL token do in phpMyAdmin if it's not preventing CSRF?

I saw that there was a security exploit for phpMyAdmin using cross-site request forgery (CSRF). I always thought that the ?token= parameter in all phpMyAdmin URLs prevented against this, but then I ...
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Why is phpMyAdmin & Apache connecting to random IPs?

Using phpMyAdmin and XAMPP in connection with local WordPress development. Sometimes when I open the local site http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php the firewall is showing connection attempts from ...
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2 answers

Does "/phpmyadmin/setup/index.php" present a security risk?

I found that in several websites, [HOSTNAME]/phpmyadmin/setup/index.php is accessible by default without authentication. However, it seems impossible to modify anything or to do security damage. Also, ...
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Was my phpMyAdmin hacked?

On a server of mine I have a current version of phpMyAdmin running. Unfortunately (my bad I knew I had to delete this folder for security after installation, I simply forgot... dangit) I still had the ...
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