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The use of physical measures (such as locks and tamper-proofing) or policies (such as Clean Desk) in order to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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What is a AUTH-KEY in the security of the computers?

I'm studying security in computers and in particular the URL Spoofing. I understand that a form of URL spoofing is phishing. Then I read that a countermeasure against phishing is the authentication ...
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Does Windows 10 read/run/care about USB devices plugged in "Lock Screen" mode?

Whenever I leave my computer for the bathroom or anything inside the living space, I press WinKey + L to enter the "Lock Screen" mode. (If I go outside, I turn it off completely.) Let's say ...
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Can the glue of glitter-hot-glue sticks be used to provide evidence of electronics-hardware tampering?

I've been researching low-cost, yet strong, tamper-evident mechanisms, and purchased some low-cost glitter-hot-glue sticks as part of this research. The Amazon page advertising the sticks, seems to ...
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How hard is it to read MCU ram while running?

I know it's possible (but rather hard as it involves using acid on the chip) to read flash memory from a MCU. However how hard is it to read the ram of an MCU while it is running? Corrollary question ...
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Physical mechanical examples of "M-of-N" locks?

Arbitrary "M-of-N" secret-sharing protocols are a well-studied topic in cryptography, and are apparently so useful that Bitcoin Script devoted a whole opcode to them. In this blog post, I ...
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SAM Card deployment best practice

As part of my current project we will be deploying smart card readers containing SAM cards for decryption purposes. The deployment process involves a third party software integrator who will control ...
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Allow the use of camera phones in the manufacturing facilities; but then how do I maintain the security of the premises

What are the best practices to be followed to maintain security in the manufacturing site where camera phones are allowed? I'm working on one of the largest manufacturing facility where few of the R&...
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How to secure unique identification of physical resources in a distributed system?

I'm attempting to build a mechanism to prevent frauds and provide traceability of physical resources in a distributed system. The idea is straightforward: the resource travels hop-by-hop on a network ...
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Use of SoftHSM2 in commercial products

I came across SoftHSM2 from OpenDNSSec(BSD license) which is a drop-in replacement for HSM except that SoftHSM2 only lacks physical security. Also, being the fact that PKCS#11 is the standard ...
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compatability of Desfire EV1/2 readers and cards with a Doorking access control system

I am getting the idea that Doorking's ProxPlus cards and reader have a pre-defined encryption key in their reader. As these readers are wiegand devices and the software for the Doorking Access systems ...
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Windows 10 Cybersecurity on Stand-Alone Computer

I have been asked to investigate what capabilities exist within Windows 10 where the environment for this system is isolated. I believe it would not be able to benefit from an enterprise security ...
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Remotely disable a laptop's ability to power on or charge?

If I loan out laptops to my employees to work remotely, such as Dr's, Nurses and other healthcare workers that generate sensitive information on patients, how can I remotely disable the laptop's ...
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Feasibility of CPU Backdoors

Recently I was thinking of the feasibility of hardware backdoors in the CPU introduced by manufacturers at the behest of three letter agencies. I can think of two potential backdoors that seem ...
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Options for Integrating or developing a physical security solution (physical access control via in-house mobile apps [NFC/Bluetooh])

Our team is looking to either integrate or develop a physical security solution for a rather large campus. Requirements: Ability to either integrate (with reader/electronic lock hardware) from our ...
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Thoughts on Vaccine Security

Are there any recommendations for the physical security of COVID-19 vaccine? I recently watched this video on covid-19 vaccine distribution. At the 0:40 ...
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Security standard that requires network cables to be visible for inspection

I recently worked for a customer that showed me that all their network cables are visible. Indeed, cables were never drawn inside walls, conduits or trunks. Instead, they were "hung" on poles close to ...
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Feasibility of using serial port/cable to act as a simple data diode?

I'm trying to determine the feasibility of using a serial port/cable to act as a simple and cheap data diode. I'll be connecting 2 Windows PCs (1 of which is on a secured network) using a 1-way null ...
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