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CNAME redirection and certificate

As an experiment, I attempted to setup a CNAME for pointing to, and using instead of in setting up email clients connecting to that ...
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Who is accessing my pop3 email accounts? [closed]

Recently I started receiving "Third-party application access to your Zoho Account" warning emails from regarding my Zoho email accounts, saying things like: We noticed a third-...
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Email including self-shredding macro after "Seen" flag is set

Bob sent an email to Alice with nothing much useful and tenuous ( but because it isn't useful it can ruin Bob's reputation if bad Alice decide to publish. ) Is there a way for Bob to include a ...
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Domain offline - are unmaintained email clients a security risk?

I have just unregistered a domain. Now my mail client (Thunderbird) popped up a message saying that it cannot connect to the mail server. That's fine - for the moment. However, I wonder what would ...
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Risks in open POP3/IMAP ports?

I found a domain with open POP3 (110) and IMAP (143) ports. I was able to use TELNET to connect to them successfully, but beyond this is there any common vulnerability/exploit I should test on them, ...
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Does IMAP/POP3/ASP undermine Two-Factor Auth?

When I log in to hotmail or Google or posteo I can only log in using the 2FA that I have set up. However, each provider seems to have an alternative for apps that do not auth via a web client. ...
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Why are common services using implicit SSL not considered obsolete in the way that SMTPS is?

SMTPS (implicit SSL) has been deprecated/obsolete since SMTP+STARTTLS (explicit SSL) was defined in RFC2487. I'm not entirely clear on the reasoning behind that, but it was clearly considered a good ...
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Better safety: Webmail or POP3/IMAP email client?

Which offers a higher level of safety: Webmail or using a POP3/IMAP client? Assume the following for webmail: Access via HTTPS Rarely downloading any attachments, but in cases where it may be ...
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