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Is there a reason why ARP spoofing would be used for spying instead of sniffing promiscuously?

I am a student trying to demonstrate an ARP spoofing attack. To test whether my attack was working I decided to use wireshark to sniff the packets on the attacking machine. At first I thought I was ...
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MITM vs promiscuous mode?

What is the advantage(s) (besides the possibility to alter network traffic) of using MITM techniques over just sniffing in promiscuous mode?
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Sniff packets of a wired computer

in my home network my own PC is connected with a wire to the router. I want to do some analysis on the packets so I got an old laptop and tried to sniff my PC packets with the laptop (that is ...
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hide from scans aiming to detect hosts in promiscuous mode

Many attacks I was reading about require the NIC on the attackers laptop to be in promiscuous mode, and in fact this can be detected, for example with this NSE script for NMAP:
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