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Authenticating a device for remote motor control

I'm looking for a standard solution to the following problem. I've been unable to find how something like this is normally accomplished. Even a key word that points me in the right direction would be ...
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TLS session ticket vs pre-shared key state management

TLS 1.2 session tickets are encrypted by the server with the session ticket encryption key (STEK). This key is shared with all the servers doing TLS termination. The session ticket contains all the ...
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How to build a PSK website

Pre-Shared Key (PSK) with simple symmetric encryption is a popular way of solving both client and server authentication when SSL cannot be used for some reason (for example, can't trust or deal with ...
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Why does EAP-TLS 1.3 not allow for PSK authentication?

EAP-TLS with TLS 1.3 is standardized in RFC 9190. Section 2.1.1 specifies Authentication. The RFC states that PSK authentication shall not be used except for resumption. This is surprising, because ...
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I don't understand TLS 1.3 allowing PSK

TLS 1.3 removes the use of non-ephemeral Diffie-Hellman, which is great! But it still allows PSK. I'm not as familiar with PSK configuration but wouldn't that mean TLS 1.3 still is allowing the use of ...
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Is there a point in randomizing my WPA2-Personal SSID (meaning, set a random string in place of the SSID)?

I was looking for ways to make Wi-Fi that uses WPA2-Personal/WPA-PSK secure, and I stumbled in this answer (the second one, from Terrence Koeman): WPA2-PSK (aka WPA2 Personal) basically does the same ...
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How are PSKs agreed upon by the TLS server and client?

I've read that pre-shared keys (PSKs) are symmetric keys shared in advance among communicating parties but have found no explanation as to how the TLS client and server agree upon the value of the PSK....
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How to identify a unidentified PSK wifi encryption

I have an unidentified PSK encryption in airodump's output (see red square on screenshot) and I would like to get more information about the encryption method used by the network: do you know any tool ...
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Using PSK between an openssl server and client

I'm trying to create a connection between an openssl server and client on my machine using ECDHE-PSK-AES256-CBC-SHA384 What am I doing wrong with these commands? openssl s_server -cipher ECDHE-PSK-...
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IPsec with PSK: Can PSK be used for passive eavesdroping?

I use a PSK to connect to an IPsec VPN. Let's say an attacker can gain access to my PSK. He can then impersonate me, that much is clear. But would she also be able to decrypt intercepted traffic? ...
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