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Questions tagged [pycrypto]

PyCrypto - The Python Cryptography Toolkit is a package that contains various cryptographic modules for the Python programming language.

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How do I verify a signature using DSA and my own "y" value in Python?

I have to verify a signature using DSA FIPS 186-2 (I know it is not used anymore, but I need to make it work for a legacy system). My problem is I have the "y" DSA value, but I cannot work out how I ...
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2 answers

PyCrypto Possible To Check If File Already AES Encrypted?

import os, random, struct from Crypto.Cipher import AES def encrypt_file(key, in_filename, out_filename=None, chunksize=64*1024): """ Encrypts a file using AES (CBC mode) with the given ...
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1 vote
2 answers

File encryption for a storage API

I'm implementing a Dropbox-like API, and one of my requirements is to have the files stored encrypted on the server. It is not required that the files are made unreadable by the server, only that they ...
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How to implement authenticated encryption using pycrypto or a python library?

I'm using pycrypto to encrypt files that will be stored in the cloud. I expect the user to enter a password to decrypt files, but encryption shouldn't require a password (to allow the script to be run ...
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MySQL AES_ENCRYPT key length

AES_ENCRYPT uses a 128 bit long key to encrypt the data, but how MySQL handle longer or shorter keys? I found out that PyCrypto for instances recomend to transform the key by using MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, ...
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