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refers to hardware and software of quantum computers, and what their capabilities will be. For protecting your data against a quantum attacker, see [post-quantum].

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When could 256 bit encryption be brute forced?

Assuming quantum computing continues to improve and continues to perform like this: ... quantum computer completes 2.5-billion-year task in minutes is it reasonable to expect that 256 bit encryption ...
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Will quantum computing destroy all our present encryption? [duplicate]

I'm just wondering, because it seems like it would. Cryptography as a field may have to start all over from the beginning.
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37 votes
2 answers

How many qubits are needed to factor 2048-bit RSA keys on a quantum computer?

I've been reading about quantum computing and turns out that 512-bit quantum processors are already a thing. I also read about Shor's algorithm, which can break RSA and several asymmetric encryption ...
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How safe is this "Multidimensional-Encryption method" (includes xAES, familiar from

I would like to ask about this encryption method that I found: USPTO patent and it is related to this question here: A service that claims beyond army level encryption and encryption claims ...
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Can I render public-key cryptography quantum resistant if I treat even the public keys as secret?

Here is the situation - RSA/ECC is not quantum resistant, because a quantum computer feasibly calculate the private key based on the knowledge of the public key (because the quantum computers tackle ...
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