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Quarantine is a functionality in antivirus programs intended to render malware files harmless.

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Can malware be dangerous even when quarantined?

I am reading a book on network security and when talking about user confusion it writes: "It is not uncommon for a user to be asked security questions such as Is it safe to quarantine this ...
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How to remove quarantined virus securely?

There is a file found by antivirus program and it was put into the virus' quarantine section (its not a false positive). Now I don't know how to handle this "quarantined" files. What is the best ...
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How AV software makes sure quarantined files never get executed? [duplicate]

This Super User question made me ask, is it really a good idea to keep files in quarantine, when you don't know what they are yet? For what I know there are more or less 2 steps that need to be ...
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MalwareBytes Quarantine

MalwareBytes has the ability to quarantine or to quote MB: At that time, they were removed from the disk location where they were stored, placed in quarantine, and modified so that they could not ...
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What is quarantine?

What do antiviruses actually do when quarantining a malicious threat? Does it compress the file using some algorithm, does it just change the extension of the file, or does it just move the file to a ...
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How can I improve my sheep dipping process?

Problem: The hiring department occasionally sends me Word documents asking to clear the file as "safe" to open and review for purposes like resumes etc.; they can come from anywhere and are ...
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Antivirus settings: delete or quarantine the file?

I understand that most antiviruses by default quarantine infected files. I have changed it to remove all infected files immediately. Would this cause more harm than good?
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As a Software Industry Editor, how to avoid my software being quarantined?

I'm a well established software company. For more than 30 years, my business has been delivering both hardware and software. My Windows software is being quarantined by some of my customer's ...
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Bypassing Windows Defender VBA custom code

I've recently written a simple keylogger using classic DLL-injection technique. I wanted to simulate a real phishing attack where the user opens an Office document with macros and by enabling them he ...
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Quarantine or add exclusion for malicious items?

I am having so many problems with my laptop. I have 8 malicious items detected and 4445 non malware items detected. Is it better to quarantine or add exclusion? I am not sure what add exclusion means.
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Moving Infected Files to Trash versus Quarantining them

When you run an AntiVirus, typically they give you the option of quarantining the infected files. I remember when I was a kid I would move them to the trash bin instead. My question is, which method - ...
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User Access to Quarantined Emails

Are there any industry recommendations with regards to allowing users access to quarantined emails in Office 365? Should users be notified of quarantined emails. Should they be allowed to request the ...
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Are there differences between McAfee quarantine and other AV quarantining mechanisms?

I'm working on a documentation of an IT system and I want to describe what is happening, when McAfee finds and quarantines a suspicious file. I have read the many questions on quarantining, but all ...
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Security Tools - File Encryption vs Corruption

When security tools quarantine files, why do they tend to use encryption, rather than simple file corruption? The main goal of quarantining a file is to make it impossible to run on a system. This ...
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Create quarantine/safe partition on external hard drive

I have a laptop I fear is compromised. I've run all the scans possible and nothing came up, but still I am dubious given that one night, just for a split second or so, I saw the mouse moving without ...
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Is it safe to copy an encrypted file from quarantine to another computer for analysis?

Is it safe to configure the antivirus to automatically copy the file from the quarantine to a network share? The antivirus should copy the encrypted archive (with password intact) from the quarantine ...
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Python Antivirus comparing hashes [closed]

I'm writing an antivirus in python mostly to learn and for research purposes, I do understand it would be more efficient to do this in something like C and eventually I will port this over. So far I ...
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If a host is infected is the sandbox environment infected?

Say my host machine is infected and I have a sandbox program. Will that sandbox environment then be infected also? If the answer is yes, what if I have an AV running inside of the sandbox. Will it ...
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Programmatically Quarantining files

Situation: Using Python to make a simple quarantine software for malware. What I know: I do understand (from this forum no less) that one of the ways is to put the file in a quarantine directory and ...
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Is quarantine threats absolutely necessary? Every time I do, all my Chrome tabs crash

I have been talking backwards and forwards with a MalwareByte support, because every time I run 'quarantine threats' all my Chrome tabs crash. This guy keeps asking me to switch Google sync off, and ...
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Unknown process attempted to execute code

This morning I booted up my computer and not long afterward, got a notification from ByteFence (unsubscribed) that an unknown process attempted to execute a command that was deemed unwanted. ByteFence ...
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