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QUIC is a transport layer protocol.

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Does HTTP/3 necessitate additional - beyond HTTP/2 via TLS1.3 - restrictions on client authentication (mTLS)?

A recent Nginx release allows me to set listen 443 quic; to enable HTTP/3. Neat. I had been using HTTP/2 with TLS1.3 before, so I did not expect that change much, just optimize round trips with ...
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SNI visible in HTTP/3, QUIC connection?

Client Hello should be encrypted in HTTP/3 and QUIC, but in Wireshark I can still see SNI of the QUIC connection when using DoH. The names should be encrypted inside the Handshake/CRYPTO packets. is ...
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Chrome with QUIC enabled is making TLS connection to first Google search result

When I search a site by its name on Google search engine, my Chrome browser pings the first search result, making a TLS connection. For example, if I search "github" on Google, the first ...
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