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Exploiting the delay when a festival ticket is scanned

How a ticket system works A ticket system - one you see at festivals - works like this: when a user pays for their ticket, a row is added to the database with a column named is_scanned, whose default ...
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How can I test my web application for timing attacks?

race conditions, etc. Are there automatic tools for this? What manual techniques should I use? From the Area51 proposal
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Are memcpy() based race conditions exploitable for causing remote code execution?

Let’s say I have the following pseudocode in the trusted part of a sandbox which prevent untrusted code calling mprotect() and mmap() and ptrace() directly (mutext isn’t accessible from sandboxed ...
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Is symlink race a very common vulnerability in UNIX systems

As far as I know, when I am creating a new file or directory in a directory that can be written by multiple users (and thus an adversary can have made a symlink there), the only way to protect myself ...
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How to solve race condition in 2-factor authentication solutions like RSA Security tokens or Google Authenticator?

One of the reasons we opt to use 2-factor authentication is to minimize the impact of keyloggers. The theory is that even if an attacker is able to observe the user type in the token numbers, they ...
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Is Amazon's app store vulnerable to external storage race condition?

There's been a load of kerfuffle about how Fortnite on Android saves APKs to external storage and how they can be overwritten before they are installed. (The press is awkwardly calling this a man-in-...
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What is the impact if there is Race Condition while submitting OTP?

I recently came across a web application where it was asking for an OTP after a successful login. Let the endpoint be The initial test for a brute-force of the OTP ...
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What is the race condition in the Heartbleed attack?

A race condition occurs when two or more threads access shared data and try to do so at the same time. The Heartbleed attack is a vulnerability in OpenSSL, where a Client sends heartbeat requests to ...
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Code Vulnerability in Shell script

I was given an assignment for my Computer Security class. We we were given a piece of code to analyze and determine the vulnerabilities that it might have. #!/bin/sh # shell script to create a copy ...
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Pentest software with a race condition

I have to pentest a program "xchgpass" that acts like passwd. This "xchgpass" edits a file located at /etc/secretpass . xchgpass has setuid bit set : hacker@cours-info:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/xchgpass -...
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Access default to true vulnerability

I remember there is a TOCTOU-related vulnerability, where one should never default the access of a user to true and set to false if something goes wrong, but default it to false and set it to true ...
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Is it possible to plan for race conditions?

Is it possible to plan for race conditions, so that you can execute specific commands at a specific time? For example, the following code is vulnerable to a race condition. Is it possible to modify ...
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Understanding the Meltdown vulnerability

I need to write a simple program that demonstrates a race condition. I picked the Meltdown vulnerability. I want to clarify something. I'm following this explanation https://resources.infosecinstitute....
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How can opening a non-existing file cause a security vulnerability?

I was reading on race conditions when I encountered the paragraph below: How exactly does trying to read a non-existing file cause a security vulnerability?
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Update fresh installation of Linux OS

It seems to me that there's some sort of "race condition" when you install a new Linux OS (this applies to every OS, but I'll restrict this question to Linux only). When you download the OS for a ...
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